Monday, March 9, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone,
Well this week we've been adjusting to a new transfer with new companions and new sisters to take care of . The week flew by! We sent Sister Barrett off to Aquidauanna Monday Night. Her original bus was for 5:30 but we were late and missed it! So she had to catch the 11 pm bus. We were a little irritated until the Elders told us that there were some sketchy guys that were bothering a lot of women that got on the 5:30 bus so they said us being late for the bus was probably Heavenly Father protecting Sister Barrett, so in the end we were pretty grateful.
My new companion, Sister Manchego arrived the next morning around 8 am. Another sister waiting for her new companion and I went and picked them up together. And now were here working together! Sister Manchego is a very sweet missionary from Peru. Shes a hard worker plus we've been having fun together. I appreciated all the hard work shes putting into getting to know our investigators and the members in our ward. They all already love her since shes so up beat and out going. 
Our investigators Luisa and Isadora are doing fantastic! They are preparing for their baptism this Saturday and their super excited! we taught them about the word of wisdom and we were a little nervous about how they would take it since we know they both drink coffee. So we prayed that their hearts would be opened and that they would accept it. When we taught it we asked them if they had any problems with any of the substances on the list and they said ``we drink coffee, but its not a problem, we can stop`` We were a little speechless. It just goes to show how really special they are. Everything that we've taught them so far they have accepted with an open heart and applied it to their lives. Its such a privilege to be able to see their testimonies grow and to be able to help them follow Christ. 
Also this Sunday our stake had stake conference, so all the wards came together in a big meeting were we got to listen to uplifting music and listen to an elder from the quorum of the 70 speak to us. (I cant remember his name, its something long and Brazilian). It was really nice to be able to listen to inspired talks and not only be able to understand them but also to get something out of them. We were also able to see a lot of people we know from other wards. Plus President and Sister Reber came down from Cuiabá to speak in the conference and to do interviews with the missionaries. This was my last interview with president Reber before I go home! Next time ill be interviewed by him it will be my exit interview. How weird is that! Anyway, I really enjoyed my interview, President Reber is always so inspired and always helps me to know that Heavenly Father is proud of me and loves me. He also said that this might be my last transfer as a sister training leader. and that ill probably be transferred to a new area to finish off the last two transfers of my mission. I told him that he knows whats best but that I love being a sister training leader and I love helping and being with the other sisters. But I guess we´ll  see what happens! Well I just want to say that I testify that Christ lives. He lives and he loves us. I know that the crowning characteristic of love is loyalty and if we love God we have to be loyal to him and his commandments. We have to give up our lives to follow him. and when we loose our lives for his sake, that's when well find ourselves, encircled in the arms of his love.  Well I love you all!  Thank you so much for your prayers and love!

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