Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sister Shelby Whipple & other sisters at the transfer conference

Transfer conference in Morristown New Jersey.

News from New Jersey

Shelby Marie Whipple

Feb 24 (1 day ago)
to me, Jeffery, Trudy, Robyn.mayhew, Stephanie, stacy, Shelly, Kayleb, Sierra
Hello Family :)
First of all I love you all and I'm so thankful for your prayers and for your thoughts and emails and letters! Hightstown is awesome! and the people are great :) We have picked up another new investigator! Her name is Meradith and she has two little daughters Natalie who is four and Gweneth who is one and her husband who has kind of a weird name and is from whales but is super nice too. Its funny how we met her, we found her in the area book and decided to knock her door. Sister Holyoak had tried to find her house before but couldn't find it, but we decided to try one more time and we found it! so we went to her house and we were kind of bummed out because she lives in an apartment building and her buzzer for the outside was broken so we decided to try the door anyway and it had been propped open! so we went into the apartment building and went to her door and knocked. She opened it, saw our tags and..... let us right in! She had us sit down and she gave us some water and we asked her all sorts of questions and left her with a book of mormon and a family proclamation and told her to read it. Then she surprised us even more by inviting us to dinner on Monday! Who does that! :) So cool :) Yesterday we saw her and were able to meet her family and we asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she said yes! you could help me with my daughters laundry! (haha) so we accepted and we matched tiny adorable socks and got to know her daughter Natalie. Super great family :) It was kind of funny because our first visit she said I just want to tell you out right that I'm not Mormon material :). We made more appointments to talk to her and she asked if we could help her out with the laundry every week and we said of course! and then she offered to pay us and we told her that we cant accept money but I said, Here's the deal, how about if we make a trade we'll help you with your laundry if you will let us talk to you about our religion :) and she accepted!  Also this week we taught a lady named Sister Schmid and on her teaching record the previous missionaries wrote Don't Give Up On Her! So were not :) She is super awesome. she lives in one of the historical homes here and she has two giant golden retrievers (reminded me of home! I loved it!) She has a GIANT Book Of Mormon because she cant see very well and she has a ton of questions :) Were inviting her to be baptised this week on Thursday :) woohoo! and since I'm a trainee I get to extend that invitation to her :) super cool :) Also this week we taught a recent Convert from Haiti and he and his wife had the coolest accents ever! They also were so nice to us :) and gave us apple cider in fancy glasses while we taught them about the restoration :) We handed out a lot of pass along cards this week and also gave out three books of mormon! :) were on fire :)
Sister Holyoak and I eat very well :) we usually have about two dinner appointments every week with members then we cook for ourselves the rest of the time... but its kind of awesome because we do our service for the food bank on Wednesdays and they give us free food! So were set and we save our money!  Our Garage apartment is super cute and even though it is in a garage it doesn't look like it, we have a kitchen and a bathroom and a bedroom and a tiny study room :) it has carpet and we have a washer and dryer and a door that is a normal door and locks :) We love it! Its the best apartment in the whole mission :) Our car fast day was great :) we only set appointments that day that we knew were in walking distance or we knew we could get a ride from a member to :) It was a good day :) accept on that day we had an appointment with sister Schmid and our ride fell through so we had to run- no sprint about seven blocks to get there. We were only about 5 min late :) it was kinda funny afterwards!
The people here are great and their accents are so cool! only a few of them have a true jersey accent...:) Most of the old people really have it :) Well everyone! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts :) They reach me every moment of everyday :) I love you all!
Love, Shelby

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello from New Jersey!

Shelby Marie Whipple

Feb 19 (2 days ago)
to me, Jeffery, Stephanie, stacy, Trudy, Robyn.mayhew, Kayleb
Hi everyone,
So this is my first mass email. Sister Holyoak and I are emailing today because Monday was a holiday so she didn't get to email so they said I could email with her! yay! I just want you all to know that I am on top of the world right now! This is the best thing EVER!!! I have to admit last night I was feeling a little down in the dumps because I was afraid of the unknown and it was kind of getting to me but TODAY IS AWESOME. So my Trainers name is Sister Holyoak, shes from Arizona and she is the best! I love her so much, she is so obedient and really listens to the spirit so its such a blessing that I was placed with her. We are serving in Heightstown New Jersey and the people are so cool! And the Traffic is CrAzY! I hope I don't have to drive for a little while because I feel like I would have an accident. Sister Holyoak is great at driving and she drives very aggressively (because here you have too!) and her hand is almost always on her horn. Its pretty great :) We live in a tiny (TINY) apartment in a members garage (haha!) but do not fret! Its so warm! and I love it! Its very clean and cozy :) Today we had a lesson with an investigator named Deanna and she is awesome :) she is 65 and she looks like she is 35. No Joke. she has a grandson that she takes care of named Demetri and he is Autistic. He is the cutest thing ever and we love them both so much! Deanna is so sweet and has invited us back to talk to her some more :) it will be her Third lesson :) We also have talked to many people on the way and I am all out of pass along cards!!! yes!!! I just gave my last one to a lady here in the library :) The people here are so so nice :) Also today I met the members who live above us(its their garage that we live in :)) and they are so cool and amazing. They are so willing to help us with whatever we need, they are the best. We also had district meeting today and went out to lunch with everyone at a Mexican café. Super good food! :) Ill tell you what I'm going to sleep good tonight! I met Sister Holyoak (Holy like the bible and Oak like the tree just smack em together... that's how she explained it to me :) haha) at our mission meeting thing which was two hours away in Morristown... again let me just say the traffic is crazy! So anytime we have a mission conference we will have to drive two hours but that's ok! On Thursday we have a car fast which means we will be walking all day and contacting people (yay!) and its going to be a sunny day so that's good:) New Jersey is so cool! I love it here :) My address here is 118 Spring Crest Dr. Hightstown, New Jersey 08520 and Ill probably be here for a while since I'm being trained :) Sister Holyoak also gave me a magnet that is pink and it says JERSEY STRONG. Represent :) I love it here :) Ok everyone I think that's it for now :) My pday is Monday so I will hear from y'all on Monday! Boa Note!
Love, Shelby

Monday, February 17, 2014

I have arrived!

 On Feb 17, 2014, at 9:14 PM, Shelby Marie Whipple <shelby.whipple@myldsmail.net> wrote:
> Hello :)
> Im safe and sound here in Morristown, New Jersey :) Sister Barrett and I arrived at about 10:30. So I will email you later on my pday with more details :) I LOVE YOU!!!
> Love Shelby

Sister Whipple Flying by the seat of her skirt!

Sister Shelby left the MTC this morning at 3:39am. She and Sister Barrett are traveling together thank goodness! Shelby's flight plans were changed do to bad weather in Chicago. She and sister Barrett left the Salt Lake City airport at 8:45am and flew to San Francisco California. They had a four hour lay over and at 1:45 pm boarded their flight bound for Newark, New Jersey. They should get into Newark at 9:15pm eastern time! Shelby called me this morning from the SLC airport at 5:45am!
She was sooooo excited and nervous at the same time. She was in great spirits and it was so great to hear her voice! I'm sure she and sister Barret will be exhausted by the time the get settled. Shelby said she will call or email if she can when she gets there. I am so proud of my daughter!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shelby's travel plans

Hello Mom and Stacy :)
They have finally given me my flight plans! yay! Thank you for the package you sent me and for the letters and cards! I love them and appreciate them so so much! I love you! 
Ok so my Travel Plans are as such:
On Monday the 17th of February, I will be leaving the MTC at 3:30 AM to go to the Salt Lake City airport. I am flying United Airlines UA 5506. My flight is supposed to departat 7:39 AM. Then Im supposed to arrive at the Chicago Illinois O Hare International Airport at 11:44 AM. I have a one hour layover in Chicago. Then I depart at 1:00 PM Flying United Airlines UA 1507 and I land in Newark New Jersey Airport at 4:13 PM
Ok I will be able to call you from the airport and it will probably be before my first flight...sorry. I might be able to call during my layover but since its only an hour I dont want to take a chance on it and miss the chance. so I might be calling yall at 6:30 in the Morning on Monday. So if you get a random call on Monday early in the Morning please answer it... it will be your estranged missionary daughter. If you dont get a call... dont panic and please dont feel sad... I will probably call you during my layover. Sorry its not more set in stone but at this point I don't know very much because they like to make us fly by the seat of our skirts.... haha get it? jk that was a lame one :) I love you! 
love, Shelby

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sister Shelby Whipple with her reassignment letter to New Jersey.

More Pictures

Shelby Marie Whipple

10:02 AM (7 minutes ago)
to me
More pictures of Shelby and her companion Sister Dunn and one of their fun zone members Sister Kelinhinze trying to fix a hole in the wall!

New Jersey Bound!!

Shelby Marie Whipple

10:02 AM (7 minutes ago)
to me

Hey Mom :)
Thanks for the Package! I loved it! The Chocolate is gone! haha:) This week has been awesome :) as you know we got our reassignments on Saturday and I'm going to New Jersey, so Ill say Hi to Snookie for you :) I'm a little nervous to be going out to the world to talk to real people! Crazy!  When I first got my reassignment I cried because I didn't want to go there...I wanted to go to a small farm like area! I have half of Manhattan in my mission! But now IM WAY EXCITED!!! I can't wait to go and to meet all the people and see where I'm going to live an serve! When I get my address Ill let you know what it is. I'm not sure when I leave but it will probably be on Wednesday or Tuesday of next week. ( if it is Tuesday I will get to email on Monday :)
Also I'm all set up with warm clothes! We went into the missionary services department yesterday to see if we could get an off campus pass to go buy a coat and boots and they asked us if we were being reassigned and we said yes and they said they would provide clothes for us for free! So we got really nice warm water proof boots, a big thick jacket, some warm leather gloves, a big scarf and a hat! super cool! so no worries about that! :) For TRC this week sister Dunn and I skyped with a lady in Brazil named Jonieli and she was super nice! we had so much fun trying to talk to her in Portuguese! but it was a little hard because she had a really thick accent so she was hard to understand and we got a little discouraged, but she was nice and laughed at us :) haha. well we've just been getting ready to leave and trying to keep up on our Portuguese even though we wont use it very much... the second counselor in our branch presidency (Brother Jackson- he went to Sao Paulo on his mission and served there as a mission president) says they have alot of people in New Jersey who speak Portuguese so Ill probably get to use it more than I think! yay! Ok well I've got to go :) I love you so much and I miss you! 
Love, Shelby :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sister Whipple has been Re-assigned!

Hello everyone!
Im sorry this is a mass email, but I don't have very much time to reply to everyone. Sorry! So like the subject line says I got my reassignment this evening. Super exciting! I know everyone is anxious to see where it is so ill just come out and say it! I am reassigned to serve in the New Jersey, Morristown Mission! Crazy! and its cold there! oh no! Sister Dunn got reassigned to Salt Lake City South. haha! 
Love you all! 
Love Shelby 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shelby Marie Whipple
9:46 AM (32 minutes ago)
to me
Hey Mom :)
The TRC is a little scary but AWESOME :) its fun to talk to real people in Portuguese :) They come to the MTC and usually its people who have served their missions in Brazil or Portugal or Mozambique, so they are very forgiving and they help us out a lot! I'm getting more and more excited about the language. A teacher whose name is Irmou Butters came in to our classroom yesterday and helped us make language goals, especially where we will probably be going state side for awhile :) so i have a goal to learn and memorize 20 words a day 5 phrases a day and 1 scripture a day in Portuguese, so pray for me that I can be able to accomplish those goals!! :) I love being a sister training leader, its really fun because we get to go to all of the meetings with the men folk ;) (haha) and put in our two cents about everything that goes on in our zone and district. plus we get to interview the other sisters and help with any problems they might be having :) Last Sunday was fast and testimony meeting and I got up and said my testimony almost entirely in Portuguese! AWESOME!! I'm definitely being pushed out of my comfort zone every single day and its actually not that bad! I kind of love it :) I love talking to people and learning and understanding! Its so so cool! I hope that Logan had a fun Birthday, when does he get his learners permit? (cRaZy!) I don't know when we are going to be re assigned... we've heard its going to be ether Thursday or Saturday of this week but that was from missionaries so it could be next week. But I promise as soon as I find out I will let you know as soon as possible! Thank you for telling me about your address, it was wrong in my little address book? Don't really know how that happened but I'm glad we caught it! This week for TRC we will be skyping with people in Brazil! So that's kind of scary! I hope their nice to us ;) Grandma sent me another package yesterday :) it had no show socks, chex mix and fun dip! LOVE HER!!! I've been snacking on the chex mix during class and its pretty awesome :) Also thank you for the lemonade drink mix from your package awhile ago :) Sister Dunn and I love them :) Also Sister Dunn and I have picked up two new pretend investigators so we are super super busy! Its so much fun :) Well I love you! Thank you so much for all your love and support :) I hope you have a good week :)
Love Shelby