Tuesday, February 25, 2014

News from New Jersey

Shelby Marie Whipple

Feb 24 (1 day ago)
to me, Jeffery, Trudy, Robyn.mayhew, Stephanie, stacy, Shelly, Kayleb, Sierra
Hello Family :)
First of all I love you all and I'm so thankful for your prayers and for your thoughts and emails and letters! Hightstown is awesome! and the people are great :) We have picked up another new investigator! Her name is Meradith and she has two little daughters Natalie who is four and Gweneth who is one and her husband who has kind of a weird name and is from whales but is super nice too. Its funny how we met her, we found her in the area book and decided to knock her door. Sister Holyoak had tried to find her house before but couldn't find it, but we decided to try one more time and we found it! so we went to her house and we were kind of bummed out because she lives in an apartment building and her buzzer for the outside was broken so we decided to try the door anyway and it had been propped open! so we went into the apartment building and went to her door and knocked. She opened it, saw our tags and..... let us right in! She had us sit down and she gave us some water and we asked her all sorts of questions and left her with a book of mormon and a family proclamation and told her to read it. Then she surprised us even more by inviting us to dinner on Monday! Who does that! :) So cool :) Yesterday we saw her and were able to meet her family and we asked her if there was anything we could do for her and she said yes! you could help me with my daughters laundry! (haha) so we accepted and we matched tiny adorable socks and got to know her daughter Natalie. Super great family :) It was kind of funny because our first visit she said I just want to tell you out right that I'm not Mormon material :). We made more appointments to talk to her and she asked if we could help her out with the laundry every week and we said of course! and then she offered to pay us and we told her that we cant accept money but I said, Here's the deal, how about if we make a trade we'll help you with your laundry if you will let us talk to you about our religion :) and she accepted!  Also this week we taught a lady named Sister Schmid and on her teaching record the previous missionaries wrote Don't Give Up On Her! So were not :) She is super awesome. she lives in one of the historical homes here and she has two giant golden retrievers (reminded me of home! I loved it!) She has a GIANT Book Of Mormon because she cant see very well and she has a ton of questions :) Were inviting her to be baptised this week on Thursday :) woohoo! and since I'm a trainee I get to extend that invitation to her :) super cool :) Also this week we taught a recent Convert from Haiti and he and his wife had the coolest accents ever! They also were so nice to us :) and gave us apple cider in fancy glasses while we taught them about the restoration :) We handed out a lot of pass along cards this week and also gave out three books of mormon! :) were on fire :)
Sister Holyoak and I eat very well :) we usually have about two dinner appointments every week with members then we cook for ourselves the rest of the time... but its kind of awesome because we do our service for the food bank on Wednesdays and they give us free food! So were set and we save our money!  Our Garage apartment is super cute and even though it is in a garage it doesn't look like it, we have a kitchen and a bathroom and a bedroom and a tiny study room :) it has carpet and we have a washer and dryer and a door that is a normal door and locks :) We love it! Its the best apartment in the whole mission :) Our car fast day was great :) we only set appointments that day that we knew were in walking distance or we knew we could get a ride from a member to :) It was a good day :) accept on that day we had an appointment with sister Schmid and our ride fell through so we had to run- no sprint about seven blocks to get there. We were only about 5 min late :) it was kinda funny afterwards!
The people here are great and their accents are so cool! only a few of them have a true jersey accent...:) Most of the old people really have it :) Well everyone! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts :) They reach me every moment of everyday :) I love you all!
Love, Shelby

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