Friday, February 21, 2014

Hello from New Jersey!

Shelby Marie Whipple

Feb 19 (2 days ago)
to me, Jeffery, Stephanie, stacy, Trudy, Robyn.mayhew, Kayleb
Hi everyone,
So this is my first mass email. Sister Holyoak and I are emailing today because Monday was a holiday so she didn't get to email so they said I could email with her! yay! I just want you all to know that I am on top of the world right now! This is the best thing EVER!!! I have to admit last night I was feeling a little down in the dumps because I was afraid of the unknown and it was kind of getting to me but TODAY IS AWESOME. So my Trainers name is Sister Holyoak, shes from Arizona and she is the best! I love her so much, she is so obedient and really listens to the spirit so its such a blessing that I was placed with her. We are serving in Heightstown New Jersey and the people are so cool! And the Traffic is CrAzY! I hope I don't have to drive for a little while because I feel like I would have an accident. Sister Holyoak is great at driving and she drives very aggressively (because here you have too!) and her hand is almost always on her horn. Its pretty great :) We live in a tiny (TINY) apartment in a members garage (haha!) but do not fret! Its so warm! and I love it! Its very clean and cozy :) Today we had a lesson with an investigator named Deanna and she is awesome :) she is 65 and she looks like she is 35. No Joke. she has a grandson that she takes care of named Demetri and he is Autistic. He is the cutest thing ever and we love them both so much! Deanna is so sweet and has invited us back to talk to her some more :) it will be her Third lesson :) We also have talked to many people on the way and I am all out of pass along cards!!! yes!!! I just gave my last one to a lady here in the library :) The people here are so so nice :) Also today I met the members who live above us(its their garage that we live in :)) and they are so cool and amazing. They are so willing to help us with whatever we need, they are the best. We also had district meeting today and went out to lunch with everyone at a Mexican café. Super good food! :) Ill tell you what I'm going to sleep good tonight! I met Sister Holyoak (Holy like the bible and Oak like the tree just smack em together... that's how she explained it to me :) haha) at our mission meeting thing which was two hours away in Morristown... again let me just say the traffic is crazy! So anytime we have a mission conference we will have to drive two hours but that's ok! On Thursday we have a car fast which means we will be walking all day and contacting people (yay!) and its going to be a sunny day so that's good:) New Jersey is so cool! I love it here :) My address here is 118 Spring Crest Dr. Hightstown, New Jersey 08520 and Ill probably be here for a while since I'm being trained :) Sister Holyoak also gave me a magnet that is pink and it says JERSEY STRONG. Represent :) I love it here :) Ok everyone I think that's it for now :) My pday is Monday so I will hear from y'all on Monday! Boa Note!
Love, Shelby

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