Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Jersey Bound!!

Shelby Marie Whipple

10:02 AM (7 minutes ago)
to me

Hey Mom :)
Thanks for the Package! I loved it! The Chocolate is gone! haha:) This week has been awesome :) as you know we got our reassignments on Saturday and I'm going to New Jersey, so Ill say Hi to Snookie for you :) I'm a little nervous to be going out to the world to talk to real people! Crazy!  When I first got my reassignment I cried because I didn't want to go there...I wanted to go to a small farm like area! I have half of Manhattan in my mission! But now IM WAY EXCITED!!! I can't wait to go and to meet all the people and see where I'm going to live an serve! When I get my address Ill let you know what it is. I'm not sure when I leave but it will probably be on Wednesday or Tuesday of next week. ( if it is Tuesday I will get to email on Monday :)
Also I'm all set up with warm clothes! We went into the missionary services department yesterday to see if we could get an off campus pass to go buy a coat and boots and they asked us if we were being reassigned and we said yes and they said they would provide clothes for us for free! So we got really nice warm water proof boots, a big thick jacket, some warm leather gloves, a big scarf and a hat! super cool! so no worries about that! :) For TRC this week sister Dunn and I skyped with a lady in Brazil named Jonieli and she was super nice! we had so much fun trying to talk to her in Portuguese! but it was a little hard because she had a really thick accent so she was hard to understand and we got a little discouraged, but she was nice and laughed at us :) haha. well we've just been getting ready to leave and trying to keep up on our Portuguese even though we wont use it very much... the second counselor in our branch presidency (Brother Jackson- he went to Sao Paulo on his mission and served there as a mission president) says they have alot of people in New Jersey who speak Portuguese so Ill probably get to use it more than I think! yay! Ok well I've got to go :) I love you so much and I miss you! 
Love, Shelby :)

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