Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shelby's travel plans

Hello Mom and Stacy :)
They have finally given me my flight plans! yay! Thank you for the package you sent me and for the letters and cards! I love them and appreciate them so so much! I love you! 
Ok so my Travel Plans are as such:
On Monday the 17th of February, I will be leaving the MTC at 3:30 AM to go to the Salt Lake City airport. I am flying United Airlines UA 5506. My flight is supposed to departat 7:39 AM. Then Im supposed to arrive at the Chicago Illinois O Hare International Airport at 11:44 AM. I have a one hour layover in Chicago. Then I depart at 1:00 PM Flying United Airlines UA 1507 and I land in Newark New Jersey Airport at 4:13 PM
Ok I will be able to call you from the airport and it will probably be before my first flight...sorry. I might be able to call during my layover but since its only an hour I dont want to take a chance on it and miss the chance. so I might be calling yall at 6:30 in the Morning on Monday. So if you get a random call on Monday early in the Morning please answer it... it will be your estranged missionary daughter. If you dont get a call... dont panic and please dont feel sad... I will probably call you during my layover. Sorry its not more set in stone but at this point I don't know very much because they like to make us fly by the seat of our skirts.... haha get it? jk that was a lame one :) I love you! 
love, Shelby

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