Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello family!

Hello Everyone :)
How are y´all doing? I'm doing so good :) This week was super fun :) and great. Nothing super big happened but I have just been marveling at all the wonderful blessings Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I cant describe the feeling that I have in my heart but its something like peaceful gratitude. Really when we stop and think about all that we have in our lives its hard not to feel that way. Its so easy to feel sorry for ourselves and feel like everything is against you. The adversary wants us to feel that constant pressure, he wants us to feel like we cant do it, he wants us to feel like failures and that God is displeased or even angry with us but I just wanted to testify that its not like that. God Loves Us. Despite all the trials that we face, all the sadness and disappointment's that get put in our way we are supposed to be a happy people. That is our purpose here on this earth, to get closer to God. And God is everything that is good, He is peace, he is love he is HAPPINESS. 
I have learned that Satan really will try to do anything to tear us down but I know that when we build our lives upon the rock which is our Savior Jesus Christ, NOTHING can tear us down. The winds will come, the rains will pour, Hell itself can rage against us but we will stand tall. We will stand tall because we are Gods people and He stands with us. And with this light, which is Jesus Christ in our eyes and souls, Satan will flee from us. I wish everyone could understand the power that they hold inside of them. We are Gods Children and we have the power to cast satan away. we hold the power to be happy. We are all the masters of our lives, we have the power to choose. How wonderful is that?! 
Sister Manchego and I are doing wonderfully :) Missionary work sure is hard, especially since you deal with people who all have their free will but I guess that just gives us a taste of what Heavenly Father goes through in dealing with us! I love what I'm doing! I love feeling Gods hand in my work every single day. I love being here. I testify that God lives, Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer and This is his true church. I know its true. I love all of you! thank you so much for all of your prayers! 
Love Always,

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