Monday, March 30, 2015

Crazy Bus Ride!

Hello Everyone :)
Well this, like every other week, went by so fast! 
At the beginning of this week Sister Manchego and I went to Aquidauanna to do divisions with our Sisters there. The trip there was uneventful and we were able to sleep a little bit so that was nice! Aquidauanna is such a fun little town and the members there are so fun to work with. Everyone is so happy and loves the sister missionaries! It was really fun to see Sister Viera and Sister Barrett again! I was able to do my division with Sister Barrett and it was so nice to catch up and to work and learn from her again. All in all we had a great time while we were there. However the trip home was a bit of an adventure! about 20 minuets out of Aquidauanna our bus broke down. we sat there for probably 30 waiting for the bus driver to fix the problem. Another bus pulled up behind us and offered to take the passengers to the post ( a little place with a restaurant and gas station) to wait until the bus could be fixed. So we all hopped aboard the other bus and went to the post to wait. While we were getting off the bus I heard a lady yell in a very thick accent in English ``anybody speaks English?!`` So I yelled back ``I speak English!`` and we waited for her to get off the bus. She came off and apparently didn't know what was going on. She was from Switzerland or something like that and her and her husband were traveling through south America. They knew a little bit of Spanish, a little bit of English but no Portuguese. How courageous! As we were waiting Sister Manchego also found a couple who were from Equador and also didn't speak Portuguese so she spoke to them in Spanish and it was really fun to be able to understand what they were saying, I just couldn't speak anything.... kind of funny how that works out. They were traveling gathering musical instruments for a store that they owned. 
Then our bus came but the bus driver said that the bus was still broken but that another bus would be taking us to campo grande. The only catch was the other bus was completely full and so we all had to pile in. Sister Manchego and I stood in the aisle for a little bit but then a man offered his seat to us. So we sat down, and guess who was in the seat next to us? A lady from France who spoke English,and Spanish! She also didn't know a word of Portuguese but she was traveling through south America by herself. She talked to Sister Manchego and I the whole ride home. We learned some new words in french and we taught her a little bit of Portuguese. Ha ha :) When we got off the bus we were so tired! but we were able to say goodbye to all of them in English, Spanish, french, Portuguese and sister Manchego threw in goodbye in Japanese just to sweeten the deal :) It was a fun trip :)
The rest of the week went by fast and without anything super special. We are working with a less active named Ana Paula and her daughter Nadielly. They came to church this Sunday!  I'm so happy to be on my mission. I know Heavenly Father protects me and loves me. I know that Heavenly Father has a wonderful plan for each of us. I know that most of the time he has things planned that we wouldn't normally choose for ourselves but I know that he has a perfect knowledge of all things and all we need to do is trust him :) Thank you all so much for your prayers and emails. I love you all! 

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