Monday, March 9, 2015

Only Three More Months!

Hello Everyone :) 
Well this week has been actually pretty uneventful. We've seen some small miracles so that was cool! :) A lady in our ward is the neighborhood seminary teacher (that's literally her calling title, the other seminary teacher teaches at the church in the city and she teaches here in the neighborhood). She has been visiting all the less actives in the neighborhood that have kids in the seminary age and she's been giving us a bunch of referrals of all these families that shes been visiting. Its awesome! We visited one yesterday. it was a family where the sons were baptised but the parents weren't because they weren't able to get married. We shared a message with them and the mom cried because she said that she wanted to find a way to teach and love her kids and keep them away from the darkness of the world. We shared a scripture about Jesus´ invitation to come unto him. We invited them to come to seminary and church so well see how it goes... i hope that they go!
Luisa and Isadora are doing great but they are so busy its hard to mark a lesson with them! We ended up having to move their baptismal date but The Lord is in charge and he knows what's best for them! We are hoping we can see them this week and hopefully they can be baptised this Saturday. Keep them in your prayers please :) 
This week Sister Manchego and I are starting our divisions with the other sisters. This week we already have two planned out. On Tuesday ill be going with Sister Lloyd, a new American sister from Utah and we will be staying in my area. then we'll do divisions with Sister Andrade and Huallpa (the two sisters that live with us) it should be a fun and busy week. Sister Manchego and I will hardly see each other but it will be OK. President Reber said he might release me after this transfer so I can just be a normal missionary for my last two transfers. I love being a sister training leader and serving the sisters but I know that whatever he asks me to do will be what Heavenly Father wants me to do :) 
I know that the work I'm doing is his work and I know that he has everything under control. I have learned so much to follow the promptings of the spirit and to put Heavenly Father first. Sometimes you can't see the meaning behind something at first or you don't understand a prompting but just by following it you can know everything will turn out alright. I've learned to let Him lead my life instead of trying to take over for myself. I know that he has the grand picture and knows what's going to happen, I know that He loves us beyond measure and understands us completely. I'm so grateful for his patience with me and the love he has for my small insignificant life. I love all of you and miss you! 

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