Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter! I'm being transferred!

Hello Everyone :)
Well its transfer time again :) I have been released as a sister training leader and have been transfered to Rondonopolis! Its a city about five hours away from Cuiabá. I will be leaving Campo Grande 8:00pm (My Time) and will get there around three in the morning. So Ill be able to sleep a little bit :) I love the bus :) I cant remember the name of my new companion but she is from Africa. She speaks english and is apperantly very loving and nice so im sure we will get along great :) Im excited for my new adventure! Ive loved being here in Campo Grande and Im going to miss it so much! Jardim Irma was by far my favorite ward! I loved getting to know the people here and Ive loved teaching the wonderful people in this area. Im going to miss them! How weird it is so say good bye to people you know you will probably never see again. As I was saying goodbye to One of our recent converts, Valmir he said well sister, I guess ill be seeing you in the next life. I almost cried. but at least we know we will be able to see all these people again someday :) 
Sister Manchego and I had a great transfer together, we had so much sucess and are unable to count how many blessings we recieved. This last week we have been teaching a man who was a referal of Valmir. His name is Joseir. I loved teaching him becuase he was so humble and was so respectful and best of all he truley had an interest in what we were teaching him. He had never learned how to pray so we taught him and we helped him memorize the steps. We also gave him a book of mormon to read. He learned how to read only a few months ago so he still has some difficulties so we gave him a homework assignment with some questions so he could get the most out of what he read. He also came and watched conference with us and loved it! The entire time he made comments about the truthfulness of the words of the prophets to sister manchego and told her he was planning on attending the normal church services this up comming week. :) HOW COOL!!!! Im so thankkful Heavenly Father has blessed me with the opprotunity to teach and get to know these people! Its so amazing to be able to look at them with through his eyes. 
Conference was wonderful, it was all in portugese, but I was able to understand better than I could six months ago so that was exciting :) Easter was good too. We didnt do alot, just watched conference and worked. But feveryone gave us lots of chocolate! lets just say that I wont be looking at chocolate for awhile :) Im so thankful for my many many blessings. For the opprotunity to serve this mission. I know Christ lives I know that this is his church. He died for us and he rose again so that we too will be able to rise again and over come death. I know Heavenly Father loves us and is willing to go father than we can ever imagine to help us but I know that we have to let him in. I love you all and I hope you have a good week :) Thank you for your prayers! 

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