Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hello Everyone!
Well this week was a better than last week thats for sure! No more throwing up or eating strange things so that was a blessing :) Well I kind of have sad news. My Companion, Sister Taraveira is going home. She has a pretty serious problem with her esophagus so she will be going home, to get better medical help and have the support of her family. We sure will miss her but shell be back in the mission in no time! In the mean time, Im not sure whats going to happen with me. Im pretty sure im staying in Rondonopolis. but ill let ya´ll know next week what happened :) Ill probably get a new companion here in a few days. This week we are all traveling to Cuiabá for a zone conference. We will leave tomorrow afternoon and come back on Wednesday night. So that should be fun :) This last week we had an activitiy in the chruch to invite our investigators and the members, so they could get to know each other. We had America night and of course the other sisters put me in charge of it. So I got to make brownies for everyone! I havnt gotten to bake for so long! it was super fun and turned out really good, everyone loved them and wanted the recipie. We also decorated with Red White and Blue and I felt like I was at a party for the fourth of July! When I went to explain the game, I started to explain in english, joking around and everyone looked at me like I had corn growing out of my ears, others who knew english yelled Keep going! It was fun :) We have been working to find new people to teach and have found a few families who are great. I love doing this work! I love comming closer to my Heavenly Father. Serving a mission has really helped me to under stand how he feels about us. We were all once with him in our home in heaven. We knew him and he knew us perfectly. Then came the call. The call to serve a mission on earth. We would have to leave our beloved home and we would have to leave Him. and im sure the scariest part for Him and for us is that there would be a chance that we wouldnt come back. Can you imagine how heart breaking that is for Him? Im sure he misses us and wants us to come home. Heavenly Father doesnt have email, or even snail mail, he doest have skype all he has to communicate with us is prayer and the prophets. Can you imagine how much it hurts when we choose not to pray or when we dont listen to his prophets? Those of you who have children can probably imagine a small part of how he feels, especially those whose children have served a mission or moved out. You think its not easy for us? Imagine being in Heavenly Fathers shoes. I know that I always want to be one of his children who communicates with him I want to be one of his daughters who will return to live with him. I know at the end of this mission on earth I will be able to run into his arms and tell him how much I missed Him and how thankful I am that he never gave up on me. and that he was always there for me. I testify that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us. He knows you more than you know you. and he wants you to return to live with him. I love you all. thank you for your prayers 
Love shelby

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