Saturday, February 28, 2015

Transfer Time!

Hello Everyone!
Well yesterday was transfer day.... and Sister Barrett is leaving me. Shes being transfered to aquidauana to be a regular missionary. She was released from being a sister training leader. My new companion is comming down from Cuiabà. I cant remember her name but she is Peruvian. She seems like a really sweet person so im not too worried. 
This last week was really fun with Sister Barrett. We kinda figured that she would be transfered so we made the most of our last days together. The cool thing is im still her sister training leader and so Ill get to do divisions with her! Yay :) 
This last week was a week of miracles :) I have been feeling more and more confident in leading the area so thats nice. I know that when Heavenly Father gives you a challenge or responsibility he provides the way for you to overcome or accomplish it. I know I can do this :) We have been teaching Luisa and Isadora this week. Their baptism date is for the 7th of March! They love the chruch and are gaining their testimonies slowly but surley. Isadora has already made so many friends! We have also been finding so many new people to teach! We have a few investigators that are really cool. Three of them live in the same house becuase they attend the police-Military (here if your a police officer your also enlisted in the military) academy across from our appartment building. Its a woman named Talita and two men named Clayilton and Albequerque. They are super cool. Even though they are studying hard and preparing for tests they always want to hear our messages and feed us :) We have fun swaping stories because we both are far away from our families and both deal with all diferent kinds of people (though I think our work is safer). We really enjoy teaching them and we hope that someday they will be able to visit the chruch. 
Im so excited that I get to stay in this area. I love this ward and the members. They are the best :) Im so greatful for my many many blessings and Im so greatful that Heavenly Father has never left my side through all of this. Im sorry its kind of short but not alot happend this week. :) But I love all of you so much! Thank you so much for your support! I can feel your prayers and your spirit all the way down here in the middle of south America :) love you 

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