Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015 :-)

Hello everyone :) 
Well this week has gone by so so fast! Just like all of them always do :) This week we celebrated New Years and people get pretty crazy here! but thankfully we stayed away from all the craziness. For New Years eve dinner we went to our stake presidents home and had dinner there. It was really good! we had turkey! but here the word for turkey is Peru... or at least that's how its pronounced, it was funny because the Peruvian that lives with us made a joke that she wasn't going to eat it because she wasn't going to support the eating of her own country. anyway, we stayed at their house until 11:30 talking and laughing and singing. then we went back to our apartment to watch the fireworks. Our president told us that we could stay up and watch them as long as we stayed right outside of our apartment so we all settled ourselves on the curb and waited for midnight to come. when midnight hit all the the people started setting off their own fireworks. These fireworks of theirs were the big giant ones that are illegal for just regular people to set off in the united states. and they of course didn't know how to set them off and were just shooting them an any direction because they were drunk. so fire works started going off right above our heads raining down ashes, some of them even hit our apartment building and shook the glass in the windows so sister Barrett and I decided it would probably be safer to head inside. When the only Brazilian that lives with us shouted,  from the cover of a near by car port, NO stay here because the real ones are going to start in a minuet! We decided not to stay :) but watched the real fire works from the window. then around three o clock in the morning we awoke to gun shots being fired into the sky by all the drunk people. the next day all the missionaries are forbidden to go out and work because its pretty dangerous and people are parting so hard they wouldn't listen to us anyway. So we spent the day inside doing crafty things and hanging out with each other. then we went to a sisters house for lunch and had casserole and salad which was delicious :) We also had a pretty exciting week in the fact that an investigator of the other sisters that live with us had a baptism! it was a girl they had been working with for a really long time, her whole family are members accept her and their working on going to the temple to be sealed as a family, and now their daughter will join them! it was very exciting and emotional! one of our investigators went to the baptism too to see how its done and if its something he wants to do. He still hasn't made the decision of weather he wants to or not but well see how he feels when we see him this week :) well todayI get to go on a division with sister pence which means that Ill get to visit Coopahradio for two days! yay! well I love you all and I miss you!
Happy New Year from Brazil! 2015!

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