Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello! Happy New year...almost ;-)

Hello Everyone,
Well Christmas was a blast! It was very different from any other year. On Christmas during the day I was on a division with one of the sisters in my area. It was really fun to spend time with her and to get to know her. Her name is Sister Benavidez, shes from Bolivia. She is a great example of a dedicated missionary, she talked to EVERYONE we came in contact with and talked to them about he Church and about Jesus Christ. She was also very humble and sought for ways to be better and to improve. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to serve as a sister training leader and to learn from all these wonderful sisters. When I got back from the division we went to one of our recent converts houses and we sang Christmas Hymns for him and shared our testimonies about Christ then we gave him presents to give to his grandchildren for Christmas. I loved that. The gift of giving is the best gift there is because what you receive is the assurance of Gods love for you and for the person you are serving. I know I will never forget this Christmas. Christmas eve night we went to a members house who wanted to make Christmas dinner for us. It was so great! The sister is such a good cook! she made us turkey, pork, fruit salad, rice and salad. it was so good! then she made us a peach tart desert thing that was perfect! It also rained like crazy! not really snow but it works for me :) The next day we just kind of relaxed and got to skype our families! which was the best Christmas present there could ever be. I loved talking to them and seeing their beautiful faces! It was a little hard to say goodbye but we get to see each other in just six more months :)
Well with Christmas and new years this week was kind of slow in the aspect of missionary work and the next week will kind of be slow too because everyone is out of town. Today we get to do another division with another set of sisters, so that should be fun. But sister Barrett and I will be back together for New Years :) yay :) Well I love you all and I miss you! Thank you so much!

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