Monday, December 1, 2014


Hello Everyone,
Well very big news from me. three things :) Thing number one: I'm being transferred! I'm staying in the big city of Campo Grande but I'll be in another area, I'm not really sure what its called yet but when I figure it out ill let y'all know. Thing number two: Ill be companions with Sister Barrett!!!!! Yay! She was with me in the MTC and we are very good friends, I'm very excited to be able to work with her. Think number Three: I've been called to be a sister Training leader. this means that I along with Sister Barrett will be in charge of taking care of the other sisters in our area and will be going on divisions with them and helping them. I am very nervous to say the very least, but I hope that I will be able to get it down and love it :) I know that who the lord calls he qualifies, and if he feels like I'm ready for this then I will trust in his judgment. Well this last week has been extremely rainy! I would just like to say that I love my rain boots! and I have bought an umbrella. We had two miracles happen! miracle number one Lina came to Church! miracle number two, so did Elidetch! yay! it was so cool. One of the brothers in our ward offered to go and help us pick them up. When we got to Linas house we were about five minuets late and when we got there she was in her best clothes and she started yelling at us telling us how late we were and that she was about ready to go to her cousins sons house on the other side of the city but now that were here shell come with us to Church. I seriously love this woman. I'm so sad to be leaving my investigators here, but I know that their in good hands with sister Chile and her new companion Sister Pence. well that's all for this week, sorry were its short, its always kind of hard to get everything done around transfer time. I love you all and I hope that you have a great week :) Thank you for the prayers :)
Love always,

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