Friday, November 21, 2014

Bit by a Chicken!

Hello Everyone,
Well its been another week here in Coopharàdio! We've had a good week and its been pretty sucsessful. Our Investigator Jaqueline came to chruch with us on Sunday so that was super  neat :) She is very sweet and fun to talk to, I really like her because she just talks and talks and talks and is always happy. I really hope that she will be baptised soon. We gave her a book of Mormon and I actually have her my Bible (dont worry I had two in portugese) and she loved them, she accepted the book of mormon instantly and is excited to read it. The only hard thing is that she has a really tight schedule so its hard to see her and teach her. We also have a baptismal date for the seventh of December! Its a lady named Lina, she is about 55 years old, and she is awesome, she is so excited to be baptised. She is so great and understands everything that we teach her and she usually ends up teaching us by the end of the lessons, I so appreciate her and all that she has shared with us. She lives in a tiny neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. she has TONS of Chickens, dogs and cats. One of her chickens is pretty feroucious, on my first visit there it bit my hand... :) When it bit me Lina grabbed it by the neck and shoved it under a box then told me that it needed a time out, I had to agree. But one of her chickens is my friend and when we come to visit she sits herself at my feet and lets me pet her haha :).  Alll of her chickens also climb trees and at night thats where they sleep is in  a tree by her house. Well today were having a zone p-day and we're going with our zone to a brazilian cabin so  sorry its going to be kind of short but I love you all and miss you! I hope everyone has a great week :) 
Love always, 

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