Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello from Coopharadio :-)

Hello everyone,
Well another week has gone by. Man it went by so fast! It's been a good week. We have found more people to teach! Also this last week we had divisions with the sister training leaders and that was super fun. I got to go with Sister Barrett (She was in my district in the MTC) and it was awesome :) We spoke English, and it was kind of a nice little break. I love Portuguese so much but its just not the same as English. I hope someday I can be her companion because it was so perfect being with her! She really is one of my best friends here. This last week was sister Chile's birthday and we got to celebrate it with one of our recent converts who made her a beautiful cake. She turned 24. We have been teaching a lot of people. One of our investigators name is Jacqueline and she is 18  years old, she has become such a great friend for us and we are praying that she will be able to be baptized. Another investigator of ours, Luis Carlos, had a date to be baptized but he didn't come to Church to we have to put it off for another week. He said he will come this next week for sure. Yesterday we kind of had a weird experience, our apartment has two stories and yesterday night Sister Chile went upstairs to take a shower, I was on the phone with our district leader when she came back down two minuets later and sat in front of me with a face of utter fear. So I hung up with our district leader and she began crying telling me that she saw an evil spirit.... So we called the senior couple missionaries that live down the road from us and they came over and gave sister Chile a blessing then invited us to sleep in their house. So we went and slept in their house. I hope that she will be OK to sleep in our house tonight. but that was our week :) I love you all and I miss you!
 Love ,
Shelby and Sister Chile at their apartment in Coopharadio


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  1. Hi. Sister! It's wonderful to be a LDS missionary.Say a hello to Sister Barrett for me,i met her in Jardim Ima ward last week.from Leonardo