Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Great Week!

Hello everyone,
Wow what a great week :) I love being a missionary! This week weve been making goals and making plans on how were going to reach them (ive learned that im good at making goals but when it comes to acomplishing them... well thats the hard part ) but this week has been great. I made a goal to control my thoughts better and foucous more on the work and my investigators and its been so amazing. Its wonderful when you make a plan and you take it to Heavenly Father and tell him about it and humbly ask for his help, he helps you! I have felt a new strenghth and foucus for the work. Sister Barrett and I also made the goal to get up a little bit earlier and exercize harder (now that ive lost a little weight, im addicted to loosing the rest)  so weve been running, doing pushups and sit ups and other things like that. We are also giving up sugar and fried things... (unless its at lunch with the members then we have to eat what they give us but thats ok :)) and so weve been doing this for a week now and I feel so great! Ive been able to stay awake during my studies and ive been able to have streghth and a drive all day :) plus Im sleeping better at night too!... sorry this is begining to sound like a testimonial for a weight loss program. Well switch over now. On the spiritual side of things we have been meeting so many new people to teach (thanks for the prayers savanna ;) Heavenly Father is answering them!)  We have alot of new potential families. Nora from last week didnt make it to chruch but were planning a family home evening and were going to invite her to come, so hopefully she coomes to that! Im so thankful for this time that I have to learn more about myself and more importantly to learn more about Heavenly Father and to develop more faith in him and his plan for me. Im so thankful for my companion who is teaching me so much. We are learning so much about releationships! We have learned that good relationships and friendships arnt ever going to be perfect, their are always going to be disagreements and hurt feelings, but whats more important is your dedication to fix it, to work out your challenges together, your commitment to make your relationship strong together. I know I have found a true friend in her, and I know we have grown to love each other more through our disagreements and challenges. Well thank you everyone for everything! I love you all! and I miss you!

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