Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another Week

Hello Everyone,
Well not a lot has really happened this week, it was the first week of the new transfer so we have just been trying to get to know the new sisters in our area! There is a new American sister that sister pence is training in Coopahradio! Shes from Orem, Utah (I think) and she seems really sweet and ready to learn. I feel for her though, having to learn Portuguese is no picnic! but Her trainer, Sister Pence is one of sweetest missionaries in our mission so she should be ok :) A lot of sisters stayed the same in our area so there's only a few we have to get to know this transfer. Next week we start doing divisions, woohoo! but this week Sister Barrett have been enjoying just being able to spend some time together as companions, plus this week together was really good for our area, and we were able to pick up some new investigators! Two new families to teach and an older couple who are awesome Nora is the name of the wife and she offered to go to church with us! and she said that she could give us a ride! but then Sunday morning came and her husband called and told us she was having some problems with her liver and couldn't go ;( so we had to walk to Church... but its ok :) we've got to loose weight somehow! Nora said she would go to Church with us next week :) I really hope that she can, shes going to love it. Were going to see her tonight to teach her the restoration. 
Also this week we had to go to the eye doctor because Ive been seeing black lines and dots everywhere I look. but we went and he said that everything is normal, my eyes are just aging faster than I am and I'm starting to get little dirty floaters in my eyes which is what Ive been seeing. awesome but he said that I have 20/20 vision and that I'm not going blind. yay :) Nothing to worry about!
Sister Barrett ALSO had to go to the doctor and get a boot for her foot because of over use but its already getting better, she just has to limp around for a week. but we have felt the hand of Heavenly Father in our work, despite all the distractions we were able to have alot of success :) Well I should probably go :) I love you all and thank you for the prayers! 

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