Monday, October 27, 2014

I made it to Campo Grande!

Well everyone, I made it to Campo Grande! The bus ride was sooo long! On my first bus we got stuck in construction and were at a dead stop on the highway for about two hours so when I finally got to Cuiaba I had missed my second bus, thankfully there was another elder with me and we were able to get the assistance there so they could buy me another bus ticket. I left cuiaba about 11:30 pm and arrived in Campo Grande about 10:00 am On my bus to campo grande I found out that a member was sitting right behind me so I felt alot safer! She offered to buy me breakfast. I'm so thankful that the lord looks out for us and keeps us safe.  In my new area I am in a suburb of the city called Coopharádio (coop-ah-hadio) and my companions name is Sister Chile. She is from Peru and has been on her mission for  7 months now. Shes a great missionary and a very sweet person, we're  getting along great! She also knows a lot of English and so we've made some goals to help her get better, shes planning on taking the English test at the end of her mission, Which I know she will pass because she speaks so well! So now she speaks three languages Spanish, Portuguese and English. She asked if I wanted to learn Spanish and I told her maybe a few things but that I was going to focus on Portuguese still so I can master it.  The ward here is fantastic and very organized I'm so grateful to be here and to have to opportunity to work with these members and people in this city. Campo Grande is WONDERFUL because it doesn't get above 85 degrees! and in the months of April and May they have´´Winter`` where it gets to be about 0 degrees C. I'm not sure what that is in Fahrenheit but it's pretty cold for Brazil. Sister Chile and I have had one baptism. His name is Douglas. He was an investigator of sister Chile and her last companion. He is great :) so  keep him in your prayers as he is making the transition to becoming a strong church member. We also have a few baptisms that we're hoping will come through in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited to work here! It sure is different than Lucas, its not as organized and clean but I think I love it here even more (and I think that the weather has a lot to do with that, here it actually kind of feels like October and not July!) They celebrate Halloween here but I'm not really sure what they do, we'll have to see when it comes. I know its not the same as the United States. Well everyone, thank you so much for your prayers! I love you! 

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