Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hello from Sister Whipple

Well Sister Vilhena and I had a wonderful week :) It went by very fast! We had a few things happen that were pretty neat.
cool thing number one- A member who served here in Lucas on her mission gave us a refferal of a woman that she taught while she was serving her. She didnt remember her address but she remembered the street and said that it was a green wooden house. So we went to the street and guess what!? There were five green wooden houses, so we started a knockin. The woman of course lived in the last green wooden house on the street. We we clapped at her house she took one look at us and a huge smile spread accross her face and she said ``come in come in! wow its been so long since the sister missionaries have been in my house`` We talked to her for a little bit and she rememberes everything the missionaries ever taught her and she told us that she wanted to be baptised so we marked a date and shes going to be baptised this Satruday! whoohoo! She is super cool and funny. Her husband is very VERY catholic but hes ok with her being baptised ( so in all reality weve just got to work with him now :) ) Her husband is from Germany and she has two kids a girl Suellen who is three and a boy Gabrielle who is one. 
cool thing number two-Sister vilhena and I were knocking doors one night and on one street we skipped a house because it was kind of rich looking. When we had finished knocking all the other houses I had a feeling to go back to that house so we did. When we knocked on the door a girl answered and told us to come right in before we even had the chance to say anything. but Sister Vilhena wouldnt go in at first becasue they had a pretty big dog (a chow) and she told me she wouldnt go into a house that had a bear for a pet. haha :) but they put the dog outside and we were able to go in. When we went in they talked to us like we were old friends (I love brazilians:)) and we were able to share a message with them that was very spritual :) we have an appointment to go back this week :) It was kind of cool becasue it was a grandma, a mom and a grandaughter it was cool to be an outsider looking in at their beautiful family. Im so greatful for this work and for this gospel and the chance that I have to share it with the people here. 
Well im doing good here in Lucas. Im thinking that this next week I will probably be transfered to another city. I have been here in Lucas for about six months now so im thinking its time to move on but well have to see what happens. Ill keep yall updated :) Love you all and miss you! have a great week! Love Shelby

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