Monday, June 2, 2014

Another week in Brazil!

Hello There :)
This week has been super fun! We had divisions with the sister training leaders on Tuesday and it was super great! My sister training leaders are two American sisters (so that was a bit of a relief and I got to speak a little English) One of which is my best friend in the mission, Sister Kimball. She also served in New Jersey for a little while and loves it just as much as I do! The others name is sister Puckett, she is from Texas and is super awesome as well. So for the division I went with sister Kimball for the day and Sister Silva went with Sister Puckett. Honestly it was the best day of my mission so far. I got to lead the area and plan out lessons and be totally immersed in the work. Plus Sister Kimball taught me so much and helped me. We had so much fun while we worked and the day passed by so fast. Best Day Ever :) Also during this day I had a hunch that we should go and visit this lady Sister Silva and I contacted one day. So we did and the lady (named Victorina) let us right in and wanted us to share our message. She said she had a dream that two angels would come to her and show her the right path and teach her about Christ. Super cool:) and what's even better she gave us a referral for a friend of hers that lives up the street. She said she would like our message as well. So after our Visit with Victorina we went to see the referral (named Vanda) and at first she didn't really know what to think about us but as we got talking with her and got to know her she opened up about her family situation and began to cry. We were then able to help her and comfort her. We also shared our message about the restoration of the gospel and we gave her a pamphlet about it. She said she couldn't read but that her husband could read it to her. 
Saturday Sister Silva and I went back to see her and her husband and to see if they had read the pamphlet and what they thought about it and to our great surprise they had read every page and even better the husband had memorized a part of the first vision or Joseph Smith. It was so so so COOL!! We invited them to come to church and talked to them about baptism. They want to be baptised but big surprise, they need to get married first (nobody here is married, its kind of discouraging) I think they will be baptised within a month or so :) 
Also this week and last week (more so last week) the temperatures have dropped a little bit and its been around 75 degrees. To me this feels fantastic but everyone else have been walking around with beanies and coats on. Its kind of funny :) But I guess when your used to the Sun practically being your constant companion for your whole life, 75 degrees probably would be a bit uncomfortable. Also this week I've learned that every Brazilian house has one of two kinds of security systems, Rottweiler's and Pit bulls. Its kind of scary when you knock (clap) at houses because usually there's always an angry dog that comes running and barking at you. But such is life :) Thank you so Much for all you emails and prayers and support. I love you all! 
Love, Shelby

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