Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello from Brazil :)

Hello There :) 
Wow the weeks go by fast, dont they? Sorry about last week, it was kinda crazy! but good :) Its nice to be busy because then you dont feel home sick, right? :) This week has been a good one. Last Monday we went to mail letters and all of Brazil was in the post office so we had to wait until this week to mail them, then on our way home a drunk guy stopped us and wanted to talk about religion, so we got away from that as fast as we could ;) Then went home and made cake to celebrate p-day! The cake here is so good, im not quite sure what they do to it but it is amazing. I think it has something to do with sweetend condenced milk, why we dont use this more in the states, I dont know but its wonderful stuff! Also this week we had to stop teaching Eotildes (an 80 year old man who has cancer and is very catholic). He believes in everything we have taught him but doesnt want to change religions after being catholic his whole life. But we still stop by sometimes and say hello to him. Hes very sweet. I remember the first time we met him was my first day in Lucas and he was sitting in front of his house watching the cars go by and eating leaves off the ground.... haha :) Alot of older people do this, im not really sure why. This week we have still been teaching the family I spoke about in my last email. They love our visits and their little girls (5 and 4) call us Chia (Im pretty sure I spelled it wrong but it means aunt in portugese, you know kids like you when they call you chia because if they dont like you or are not very comfortable or familiar with you they will call you Senhora)  They are a very sweet family. Today the mom (maria Lucia) is going in for surgery on her leg and will have to stay in bed for about a month. They absoulutley love the Book of Mormon and they love going to church. Its kind of funny though becasue thier oldest son Carlos loves religion and attends all the churches in Lucas on Sundays but he wont attend ours :) haha :) Hes really smart and when we were trying to teach Maria Lucia and Joao how to pray he got really excited and helped us teach them. I think if he gives our chruch a chance he would really like it. :) Yesterday was kind of sad though. They have this puppy that Joao (the dad) found at work and brought home but they dont really have money to feed it so it was straving and yesterday while they were at church, it died. Its kind of weird to see the difference in people here than from the states because I know if my dog would have died while I was at curch I would have been pretty upset but when we went to visit them that night, the two little girls ran up to us laughing saying their dog died. I wasnt really sure how to react  :) haha however I was glad that they werent upset. We are also teaching the parents of one of our recent converts. They are neat people, we havnt really gotten to know them that well yet but they seem to enjoy our visits so far :) Also we are teaching a woman named cinech, who we contacted one day and she is very very receptve to hearing the gospel and keeps asking us when were going to come back. She has three teenagers all of whom are very nice and respectful and like hearing the lessons as well, I have a feeling that she is going to be baptised soon :) Well that was my week :) Im doing good and sister silva is still amazing and wonderful :) My portugese is getting better and I can now understand people most of the time and I can teach the first lesson with out getting tounge tied so thats nice :) Well I better go :) I love you all! Thank you so much for your support and prayers :) Love shelby

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