Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello from beautiful Brazil!

Hello Everyone :)
Well it has been quite the week! We received Transfer calls this week and today I will be traveling 5 hours to a new area. Ill be in Lucas do Rio Verde and ill be companions with Sister Silva. I'm a little nervous about this because Sister Silva only speaks Portuguese, so I guess one thing we know about this coming transfer is that my Portuguese is about to get a lot better! I guess that's what happens when you don't have any other choice. I'm excited to meet her but I hope that she doesn't get too frustrated with me and the fact that I have the vocabulary of a two year old child. So that will be my adventure for this coming week.... more on that next Monday :) (for those of you who need to know, yes my mailing address is still the same and will probably stay the same the duration of my mission, its just the mission office :)) My adventures for this week are as such: I am now the proud owner of a live baby chicken.... Yes. seriously. In our district meeting before last,  us and all the elders decided it would be fun to have a white elephant gift exchange for our next meeting, so we all drew names and went on our way. I drew Elder Rodriguez and got him a clock that has the name of the soccer team that he hates on the front. All of the gifts for everyone were like this, like toys for two year olds or for example sister Freitas received a tie, and sister Marion received men's deodorant but not me.... My district leader drew my name and bought me a baby chicken and a grocery sack full of chicken food. So for that whole day I had to carry around a cardboard box with a baby chicken inside and a bag full of chicken food until we had time to take it home. We named her Joanna. She lived under our kitchen sink for a while and now she is living in yard and has made a nice home out of some of the weeds that grow there. This week Sister Marion and sister Freitas are giving her to one of our members that has chickens, because were not actually supposed to have pets :) so that was my adventure this week :) Something cool that happened was we taught Anna again and she is very prepared to be baptised. She says that she believes in everything we have taught her and that she wants to be baptised! She is super cool, she has a really cool husband too and I hope that he lets sister Marion and Sister Frietas teach him as well. I'm kind of sad that I'm not going to get to see her baptism but I'm happy that I was able to play a small part in her conversion. I'm going to miss it here in Tujical, the members here are so great and so nice! Its kind of funny though because non of them really know my name because they cant pronounce it. Usually I am Sister Wipel, Sister Wiplie and occasionally Sister Apple but I have trained them all to just call me Sister Weepo since that's the closest and is the easiest for them :) haha :) Well next week ill have news on how my new area and companion is! Hopefully it will be good news :) I love you all! Thank you so much for your prayers, emails and support! Love always, Shelby

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