Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello from Lucas!

Hello everyone!
Well this was my first week in Lucas do Rio Verde! and it was AMAZING! I have a new Companion, her name is Sister Inez Da Silva and she is from Brazil (a city close to Salvador) and I love her! She has one transfer in the mission, so we are both pretty new but she is such a hard worker and such a good missionary. Lucas is so beautiful, clean and organized! I love it!
So last Monday I rode a very nice charter bus for about five hours. I didn't really know when my stop was but I was able to ask the man sitting next to me in broken Portuguese which cities were which, and he helped me know when I needed to get off. I arrived in Lucas at about 2:30 in the morning and Sister Inez along with Sister Martinez met me and helped me with my suitcases. The next day we were kind of just in a trio and we pretty much just did contacts the whole day in our area, we found a really cute family who was interested and wanted to go to church with us and also we found a lady named Francesca who is very cool and interested as well. Then that night we had to get up at 2:30 Am in order to pick up Sister Martinezs´ new companion. Her Companions name is sister Oliveria from around the same place that Sister Inez is from. She just barley came from the MTC so sister Marinez is training her. The rest of the week Sister Inez (Her name is sister Inez da Silva so sometimes we call her sister Inez or sister Silva, she kind of responds to both haha) and I worked really hard and walked a ton! I have blisters on my feet and am so thankful for moleskin! Right now we are teaching two girls named Kelly and Kamila and they are trying to decide if they want to be baptised or not, they have been investigating the church for about a year now so we are trying to help them become more excited about it. We are also teaching Francesca, who is awesome. She has a tiny dog and a tiny cat. The dog is kind of an angry little dog but she loves the cat and is like its mother. Its kind of funny because usually when we walk up to Francesca's house the dog comes running out barking up a storm but its hard to be afraid of it because Francesca likes to dress her in these little dog dresses and tutus. Anyhoo We taught Francesca the first lesson and we told her to pray about its truthfulness and she said I don't need too I already know its all true and I want to be baptised. However she wants to be baptized in a few years because she doesn't feel prepared. So were working with her as well to feel prepared and excited :) Well friends and family I love you all! I got to talk with my parents and family yesterday and it was so great! It actually helped me to not feel as homesick and to be more excited about my mission :) I'm so thankful for skype and my mission and you:) I love you and Ill talk to you next Monday!
Love Shelby

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