Monday, June 16, 2014

Another week in Lucas

Hello everyone :)
This week has been actually kind of quiet so thats nice. We recieved transfers yesterday and I will be staying here in Lucas with Sister Silva. Sister Martinez is being transfered to another city close to Cuiaba. She has been here in Lucas for about four months. Last night the branch here threw her a going away party and when we got in the car to leave, the whole branch surrounded the car and cried and begged her to stay. To be perfectly honest it was a little weird but they sure do love her so I guess thats all that matters :) Also yesterday Sister Silva and I tracked down paolo (the kid who had to be baptised again but didnt show up for his confirmation) First we went to his house and banged on the door for about 20 minuets (sister Silva is very dilligent) then we went to his friends house (who happens to be a less active member) and found him there. We convinsed him and his friends to come to church and he was confirmed! Yay! Also this week we found a really cool lady while we were knocking doors. When we contacted her she let us right in and let us teach her the first lesson. Then told us about the problems she is having with her family. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and talked to her about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It was so cool to be able to see a difference in her eyes and to see that she felt better. She wants to be baptised but doesnt know when would be the best time. Were trying to get her to be baptisednext Saturday. However she has to attend chruch twice before she can be baptised and yesterday when we went to pick her up for church she told us she couldnt go becasue she had a hang over as a result of a festa she went to the night before :) Awesome. Another one of our investigators who wants to be baptised is now backing down because she wants to leave her husband first because he wont stop drinking. We went to her house to see how she was doing and she was really upset because she had just had a fight with her husband. She told us that she doesnt want to live with him anymore because she thinks that he will never stop drinking. Weve met her husband before and hes a really nice guy and loves what we have taught them, so well have to see how we can help them. This up comming week, we might be moving to a new house thats closer to the curch, so that will be nice. but we dont know exactly when. Well everyone I love you all and I miss you! Thank you for your prayers and support! Love always, Shelby

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