Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey there!

Hello everyone :)
I'm doing great here :) I've been sick for a few days but not too bad :) Just a little stomach ache but its gone now so that's good :) We had a baptism this week and boy was it interesting. It was a young man that was already baptized a year and a half ago but he never showed up for his confirmation so he had to be baptized again. He passed the interview and everything and the next day Sister Silva and I went to the church to set up for the service and guess what?? There was no water in the church! ahhhh! So we had to call one of our members to see if we could have the baptism in their swimming pool but then at the last moment, right before the baptism was supposed to start the water was turned back on (god is marvelous isn't he?) but the font usually takes about an hour to fill up because its a cement box outside the Church and gets its water from a tiny pipe in the car port. So  sister Silva and  I and our ward mission leader had to fill it up with buckets of water, it was quite the adventure :) But the baptism was able to happen (an hour and a half late) and everything went well, I even gave the message (in Portuguese) for the service on the Holy ghost. However the next day when this young man was supposed to be confirmed in sacrament meeting... guess what happened... He didn't show up again. So sister Silva and I had to hunt him down and when we finally found him and were able to ask him why he didn't show up for his own confirmation he said he had gone to a festival instead. So we told him that he needs to be there next week in order to be confirmed. crazy :) Also this week was our branches talent show. Sister Silva, Sister Helena and I sang an EFY song for it and it was super fun :) Sister Martinez sang with one of the ward youth in Spanish and that was pretty cool :)
Lately we have been teaching a couple that I'm pretty sure I talked about last week, Vanda and her Husband Edilva. They are super cool and want to be baptized but she needs to get divorced from her first husband first then needs to get married to Edilva:) so its going to be a little bit of a process :) But they have the desire so that's all that matters. We have had to cut a lot of our other investigators because they weren't interested anymore but that's OK, we will be finding new ones this week. This week is the last in this transfer but I think I will probably be staying in Lucas with sister Silva but we´ll have to see what happens :) we find out on Sunday where were all going. For sure though were moving houses because our area is receiving a set of elders who will be living in our apartment and we get to live in a house that's a lot closer to the church so that's super cool :) Well I love you all and I miss you! Thank you for your prayers and love! Love always Shelby

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