Monday, March 24, 2014

Last Week In Jersey!

Oi Everyone!
Wow its been a CrAzY week! but a good one:) I had a companion exchange on Tuesday and Wednesday with the sister training leaders. I stayed in my area and the sister training leader came to me. Then sister Holyoak went with the other sister training leader. Sister training leaders are kind of like district leaders for the sisters. So anyway I was with Sister Webb for 24 hours and it was super fun! I was really nervous about it at first because I was leaving my companion for the first time, but it turned out to be pretty great! Sister Webb is also a visa waiter for Cuiaba Brazil! but she has been waiting for over a year so she decided to be permanently reassigned to New Jersey. She is a great missionary and I leaned so much from her. We had a lot of fun and she taught me better how to talk to people on the street! I needed that! However when I got Sister Holyoak back I was super glad! I had missed her so much! haha kinda funny. This week we met with Amos again (hes the one from Ghana) and we had his appointment set at 7:30 but then he called us a few hours before and asked if we could do it at six. So we had to switch around a few things but we were able to tell him that we could do that. So at six we met him at one of our members houses and he told us to sit down and make our selves comfortable (remember this is not his house, its our members home and hes only been there twice before so it was kinda weird and we didn't know if we should do what he said or not!) So we sat and once he had every ones attention he told us the reason why he moved the appointment was because last time we met he didn't have enough time left because we had to be in at a certain time of night,  so he moved it up so he could have as much time as he wanted with us! So we had to explain to him that our appointments were only supposed to be about 45 minuets not three hours long! Then sister Hout (the member whose home we were at) said that she had dinner for us and Amos said No we cant eat you have to answer my questions then if we have time we'll eat... It was kinda weird but pretty funny! So we were able to talk to him and teach him about the Plan of Salvation and also eat. So everything turned out just fine :)
 We also had a miracle happen this week! We have been visiting a man named Bill Murphy and trying to get him to come back to church. He hasn't been to church in over 20 years. but he had helped build the chapel. So we have been visiting him trying like crazy to get him to come back to church and each time we come he says maybe next time. So this week was no different and we left his house in defeat but then about three hours later he called us and he said "sisters I guess I'm going to church"!!!! we were so excited we jumped and whooped and hollered, it was so great :) Then yesterday he came in his Sunday best and we sat by him. He told us that he was so happy he came and that he would be coming back next week! So cool :) Also this week I had REAL JERSEY PIZZA!!! All you people in Utah (and Oregon:)) have no idea what a pizza is!!!!!! That stuff that they sell at Dominoes is not pizza, its a roll with some spaghetti sauce on it and a few pepperonis wishing it was a pizza. This is the real deal! I don't even know how to describe this wonder fullness to you... its so sad. Someday we will all have to come to New Jersey just to get a Nicolina's Brooklyn Pizza, you will not believe how splendid it really is. Sister Holyoak and I ate an entire pizza ourselves. Then the next day the Italian lady who lives upstairs made us ravioli with real homemade sauce and meatballs. WOW. That's all I have to say. is WOW. Well I should probably get going. Thank you so much for all your prayers! Keep em coming! I'm going to need them when I get to Brazil! I love you all!
Love Shelby

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