Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Week in Jersey!

From: Shelby Marie Whipple <>
Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:09 AM
Subject: Another Week :)

Hello everyone:)
Thank you so much for your emails and for your love :) Its been a good week, but super cold! We had a small blizzard today and were almost not able to drive our car, but they cleared the roads and it stopped snowing, so President Jeppson said we would be fine to drive. Which I am so thankful for because now I get to email! yay! This week We visited a man who lives in a trailer park, (he kind of has a few screws loose but hes awesome:) we've been trying to get him to come to church since he hasn't been in about 30 years, and he always tells us that he'll come next week ;) We love him anyway haha :) I have a bit of a struggle going to his house though... Its very clean but it has holes in the floor covered by carpet... that you sometimes fall into 0.o and it smells kinda bad and weird. The first time we went I couldn't focus on anything because the smell was affecting me so much so the next time I coated my nose with peppermint chap stick and prayed that I could overcome it. And I did! When I went into his house I just tried not to breath through my nose, but then as I focused on him and his needs the smell went away and I forgot about it! Heavenly Father is the best :) We also went and visited a 95 year old lady that cant hear or see. She sleeps in a recliner and has such a bad back that when she walks her head faces the floor... sad. But she was so sweet and we loved visiting her. She had us scream verses out of the Book Of Mormon to her... Which was hard to do because I could not get through a verse without busting up :) She didn't really notice though :) Then she told us these great stories of adventures her and her Mother had on a trip in Mexico. She also used to be a nurse and told us tons of stories about that as well :) she's funny because even though she's deaf and blind (to read the book of Mormon she puts on two pairs of glasses, uses a giant magnifying glass and puts the book about a fourth of an inch from her face) She can tell if you touch or move any of her stuff... Sister Holyoak tried to move one of her books and she said -from the other room I might add- "you better not be touching my books in there!!!" It was so funny :) Also this week we began to teach a man named Amos. He is from Ghana and he is awesome! He is loving what we have been teaching him and is so kind and gracious, we have another appointment with him on Friday. Were going to ask him to be baptized :) We are also teaching a lady named Sister Schmidt. she is retired and lives alone with two giant golden retrievers. I love going to her house because it reminds me of being at home! Her dogs are thief's and love to steal my gloves out of my pockets... or anything else I have in there! the funny thing about it though is they don't rip them up they just steal them -very quietly and slowly- and then trot around the house with them in their mouths until you ask for them back and they give them back to you! What!? The first time I saw her dogs I got a little teary eyed because it made me miss my dogs but its nice to go and visit her dogs and get a taste of home :) Sister Schmid is also very receptive to our message and we are also asking her to be baptized this week :) yay! :) Other than that my week has been cold but nice :) We went to a bread shop on Thursday at got some amazing soup and sandwiches :) it was so good :) and sister Holyoaks favorite ice cream shop is opening back up on the seventh so I'm sure we'll be going there sometime soon as well :) Oh and I forgot to tell you last week on Sunday (my first Sunday out here) I got to talk in sacrament meeting! I talked about having faith in Christ and told the story of the stripling warriors :) The first thing I said when I got up was that, that story was a favorite book of Mormon story of my Dads :) I actually wasn't at all nervous and everyone said they enjoyed my talk :) So I guess it was a success :) Well I should probably go :) Thank you for all of your support, your love and your prayers! I hope you have a fantastic week :)
Love, Shelby

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