Monday, March 17, 2014

Big News!!

Hello Family :) 
How is everyone? My week has been very exciting :) Can anyone guess what happened?.......... No one? Ok Ill tell you :) I, Sister Whipple have received my visa for Brazil. Wow. I leave for Brazil on March 31st. So parents, I will be able to call you from the airport probably. This is kind of crazy. I really should not have recieved it. because 1: I turned it in kind of late 2: I went through the LA consulate which is one of the slowest, if not the slowest consulate. 3:everyone else that is waiting for a visa has been waiting for MONTHS and some even a year! This is the fastest visa my mission president has ever seen. I guess Heavenly Father needs me in Brazil! I dont know any of my travel plans but as soon as I know I will let you know. I should know by next Monday :) So I probably wont be able to recieve any more packages when im there.... :( because their expensive to send and pick up and the chance of it actually getting to me is very silm. Thank you for the packages sent thus far :) You guys are such a great fan club and I love you :) and I miss you :) If your planning on sending any letters to me I would suggest to send them pretty soon... but dont sent anything after like this Saturday because it takes awhile and if it gets here after ive left then its going to take awhile to get to me in Brazil as you all can imagine :) PS I wont be traveling alone there's another Sister who has been waiting 9 months for her visa and she just got hers as well so we will probably be traveling together for a little while. 
So this week has been an exciting one :) Also this week our investigator sister Schmid came to church! yay! she said she loved it and we have another appointment with her on Thursday and were going to invite her to be baptized! :) We are also helping another one of our investigators, she has an apartment inspection next week and she is a hoarder. so we have been going to her house everyday trying to help her clean and organize her appartment. Its a very small case and theres nothing gross, she just has alot of boxes of books and papers and just stuff stacked everywhere. So we have been helping her with that. Were going back tomorrow to help her some more :) Today Sister Holyoak and I went to a sister meeting that was super fun! :) we did yoga with all the sisters in the mission and learned how to properly massage our feet ( since we walk on them everyday) and we painted our toenails. we also all had lunch together and then Sister Jeppson and President Jeppson spoke to us on how valuable and amazing we are :) haha So its been a great week and Ive loved it. this comming week I will be going on a 24 hour exchange with one of the sister training leaders in our mission. Ill be with sister webb who is also a visa waiter for brazil from tuesday to wednessday so that will be an adventure :) Well everyone I love you all! Thank you so much for your help and your support! I miss you :)
love, Shelby 

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