Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello from Shelby!

Hello Everyone!
This week has been great! I'm starting to realize that all the weeks are going to be great :) We have been having great weather here and have been able to just wear a light jacket! yay! We havnt had any snow for a while but were expecting some tomorrow I think. I hope that the weather man is not telling us the truth. Warm days are great because thats when everyone is outside! Sister Holyoak and I had a great day on Saturday, we spent most of the day knocking on doors. We knocked on about 67 doors and talked to about 27 people. I had another door slammed in my face! but this time I just laughed it off :) It was really funny because we were in a neighborhood of mostly hispanic people and so we were speaking alot of spanish (sister Holyoak was speaking alot of spanish, I just smiled and waved ;) haha) anyway, everyone was really nice to us but then the one white guy we contacted was SO RUDE and hes the one that slammed the door in our face :) We thought it really showed the difference in the culture. Hispanics are super nice even though you dont speak their language and white guys are super rude even when you say nothing at all :) We also got a new investigator his name is Daniel Darling and he is a Baptist but he wants to hear what we have to say. Hes old and hes black and he smells really good :) We also got another new investigator and her mom named her Christina after Christ. She is super religious but doesnt attend a chruch and she wants us to come back! yay! It was kind of funny because she was the first house we knocked on and as soon as we knocked she turned on her vacume so we waited for her to turn it off (which didnt take very long, thank goodness ) and knocked again. She opened the door and let us right in! She was so nice to us :) We also Visited sister Cronan again and this time she had a CD player with headphones that she can listen to the Book Of Mormon on CD :) Our Bishop got it for her :) She was very frusterated when we went and visited her though because she couldnt figure out how to open the player to put the next CD in, and was just waiting for someone to come and visit her so they could figure it out for her :) So she was very greatful we stopped by :) Also she had sister Holyoak do her tithing for her and she made her redo the slip three times and the check twice because "she kept getting thing wrong" even though she cant see... anything. She lives in a building that is especially for old people who are pretting independent, and as soon as sister holyoak and I got off the elevator to go to her apartment we about died because the place smelled like someone put their cat in their microwave and cooked it for a good 15 minuets... it was bad. So we ran to her door and prayed that the smell wasnt comming from her appartment. It wasnt so we were saved :)
Also this week I recieved my ok to drive! So sister Holyoak has been teaching me how to be a Jersey driver and its a little scary sometimes but Im getting the hang of it! No accidents so far! Pray that there wont be any in the future either! :) This week Sister Holyoak and I will be traveling to Morristown and also to Trenton for meetings so we wont be teaching very much! also next week we have a sisters meeting on monday so I might not get to email untill later or even until Tuesday so dont worry if you dont hear from me at the normal time! :) Well I love you all and Thank you for the prayers and Support! you guys are an awesome Fan Club :)
Love, Shelby

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