Monday, September 29, 2014

Rain and Bugs!!

Hello everyone :)
Well its been a crazy week! I'm getting a new companion tomorrow because sister Mendez is being emergency transferred to Tujical (my first area in Brazil!)  Wow missions are crazy aren't they?! one moment your living one way and your used to it, the next your life is turned upside down but then that becomes the norm... ha ha :) One thing that I'm accustom too now is change :) We have been having A LOT of rain here lately. Its really heavy strong rain and the wind has taken the roof off of some peoples houses. but don't worry were safe and sound, our house is strongly built. So my new companion is from Portugal :) and she has a very thick accent. I hope that we become friends quickly :) and I hope I learn a lot from her like i have from my other companions. 
My investigators are doing great :) I love learning about people and helping them to feel Heavenly Fathers love for them, its the best thing in the world :) I know that what I'm doing is the work of God and I feel his hand in my life every single day. I'm so grateful to work with him and help his children. One thing that I've learned is that its not my responsibility to convert anyone, that's the work of the Holy ghost. My task is to share my beliefs and to not be afraid. to be a friend to all but never compromise my standards. to stand true to my convictions and faith. to stand tall because I'm a daughter of God and he stands with me :) (just so you all know, that's a quote from a conference talk, I didn't make it up :) but every word of it is how I feel) I know this gospel is the gospel of Jesus Christ and I'm so thankful for it in my life :) I love you all! miss you tons!

lucas é um lugar abençoado em um dia chove água no outro granizo e no outro chove besouro kk Amamos Lucas do Rio Verde (  Sister Tomaz, Sister Rocha, Sister Mendes e Sister Whipple )

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