Monday, September 15, 2014

Officially a senior companion!

Well hello everyone,
I am officially senior companion and trainer. Its very intimidating and at times scary but im hanging in there! im learning more and more every single day. My Trainee is awesome :) Her name is Sister Mendes and  She is from Sao Paulo and is probably the sweetest Brazilian I have ever met. She has so much faith and wants to learn and teach and im so greatful for her! We had kind of a hard week because we are both learning how to walk a little bit but this next week will be better! Im so greatful that I have a Brazilian companion! There is so much that people say that I still dont understand! but its all good because I understand the majority.
Sister Mendes and I have picked up more investigators! whoohooo! One of them is very catholic (go figure in brazil :) and every lesson she gives us a lecture about people that know the commandments of God but choose to ignore them, our last visit with her she told us that her boyfriend has a wife and then she started lecturing us again about the hypocrites of the world... haha. We also met another lady who is really cool. She talks SO MUCH but she is super sweet and loves our messages. This Sunday Rayane (pronounced Highanie) went to chruch with us, she is a 9 year old girl who looks like shes 12. She loves going to chruch and someday shes going to be baptised.  In all we had a great week. Alot of walking but it was great! and this week will be even better :) today were going to have an activity with the youth so that should be fun :) Sister Tomaz is also training a new missionary. Her name is Sister Rocha and is so great :) Shes 26 years old. its so nice to have mature people around :) is is a great missionary already and loves the work. Im so thankful to Heavnly Father for sending us great missionaries to train! This transfer is going to be great :)Im so thankful for this opprotunity to preach the gospel! I know its true and brings so much happiness to people and their lives.  Well I love you all and I missyou! Love shelby

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