Monday, August 25, 2014

A big "Hello!" From Sister Whipple!

Hi everyone :)
This has been a TERRIBLE WEEK!!! Just kidding it was good but kinda hard :) We said goodbye to Sister Kimball (she has finished her mission and is going home) and also Sister Helena (shes being transferred to Cuiaba) so now its just Sister Tomaz and I in the house and its super lonely but I'm so grateful that I have Sister Tomaz! She is so great and I love her so much! For the last two weeks of this transfer we will be covering our own area and the area of the other sisters, keeping up with all of our investigators and members along with theirs, it will be crazy but it will go by fast :) At the end of this transfer Two more sisters will come here. The assistants told us that I would be made senior companion.... Which means ill ether be training a new missionary or will be put with a missionary who has less time than I  do. I'm super nervous but it should be fun. but the good news is ill be staying in LUCAS!!! I love this town and this branch, the people here are amazing! When the branch found out that we would be covering the two areas you could kind of tell they were a little nervous but they told us that they have faith in us! and that they are here to help if we need anything! They also offered to go on divisions with us and to show us where certain people live and what they need. How amazing! I love my mission :) 
Sister Tomaz and i had a really cool experience the other day :) yesterday when we said goodbye to the other sisters and they left, we were left alone in the house and it super sad and lonely. We got ready to go out and work knowing that when we would come back that night we would be coming home to an empty house. So feeling discouraged, and sad we said a prayer together asking for comfort and guidance in our work. When we opened our eyes I white dove flew down and landed about 5 feet away from us. Remembering the symbolism of the white dove we felt the love of god and the presence of the spirit in our lives. It was a moment of true peace and comfort :) I love this work and I love this gospel. I know its true :) I know god loves me and wants me to be happy :) Well that's all for this week :) Love you all and thank you for everything! Love Shelby

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