Monday, August 11, 2014

I am alive!

Alrighty everyone calm down, no need to be alarmed :)
The good news is I'm alive, the bad news...... haha just kidding ;) Yesterday the Internet cafe place where we always go to email our families lost its Internet connection and had to close so that's why only three of you received an email from me, but its ok you can dry your eyes because... SURPRISE you get one on Tuesday! whoohoo! Well its been another fantastic week in Lucas. I have my new companion and she is FANTASTIC!! She is so patient and loving, she loves to joke around and have fun but she is also a hard worker, what a great combination :) Her name is Sister Tomaz and she is also from the northern part of Brazil, and she has a pretty thick accent and talks about a million miles per hour but its ok because its helping me to learn even more Portuguese! She was baptised into the church when she was 17 in 2010 so she only has about 5 years in the church. (those of you who know Aunt Haley, Sister Tomaz is the Brazilian form of Aunt Haley! I'M SO LUCKY!!!:) :) :) ) We are pretty much opening a new area because the new elders in Lucas took over my old area and now Sister Tomaz and I are taking over a part of the other sisters area. Our area has a lot of rich people in it so we have been searching out the people who will listen to us. We have spent a good part of the week contacting and teaching new people to find new investigators its been hectic but rewarding:) Also this week was the birthday of Lucas do Rio Verde so they have been having a giant fiesta for the past five days two streets down from our house. Its great because we go to sleep to the sound of fireworks, really loud music and screaming people and wake up to a deserted city with trash, shoes and blood littering the streets. (Brazilians tend to party hard ) and so its kind of hard to find people to teach but this week it should settle down a little bit. Tomorrow we are taking a three hour bus ride for Sorriso for zone meeting so that should be fun. The branch here in Lucas is incredible and has best member missionaries Ive ever seen, I want to spend my whole mission here! However what ever situation I'm put in, I know it will be whats best for me. Ive already learned so much and have become even stronger. I know Heavenly Father loves me and loves this people, he helps me everyday. I know this gospel changes lives and brings peace and happiness. I love my mission! Well That's all for this week :) I love you all and I'm so thankful for your emails thoughts and prayers! Love Shelby

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