Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone:)
What a crazy week it has been! Last Tuesday we were informed that they found a new house for us in the more central part of Lucas and that we would be moving on Friday. So all last week we have been cleaning our apartment for the new Elders who are coming in the next transfer, packing up our stuff and buying new furniture for our new house. The new house is a lot bigger but only has one bathroom :( however its brand new! and all of our furniture is brand new too! no more ´´Elder Smith waz here!´´ written across our dressers :) yay :) We were able to move all our stuff over to the new house in about six trips with a very tiny truck :) it was quite the adventure :) but even though we were moving and trying to get things in the house ready, we were able to work a little bit and get some visits in so that was nice! More and more of our investigators keep dropping us but its OK because were working hard and the lord will bless us :) On Sunday we had three of our investigators come to church! They were all out side the apartment complex where they live waiting for us to pick them up and walk with them, and they also came to the branch family night! whoohoo!
This week we have interviews with President Reber! I'm so excited :) he is such a great mission president! He will also be checking out our new house to make sure its secure, safe and fit for sister missionaries :) Also coming up is transfers on the 27th:) and I think I will probably be staying in Lucas but who knows :)
On Sunday I had to give a five minuet talk on family home evening :) it was great and everyone told me that my Portuguese was almost perfect! I'm sure they were just saying that to make me feel good but I'll accept the compliment anyway! :) The world cup ended this week (yay!) so we don't have to spend days in our house anymore :) Even though Germany won, all of Brazil was having a party because they all hate Argentina here, they say that they're ´´dirty players´´ so we were all Germany fans for the day :) Well that was my week :) Sorry its kinda short I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and support :) Love Shelby

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