Monday, July 21, 2014

Another week has gone by in Lucas....

Hello everyone :)
Another week here in Lucas has gone by... and were doing great:) We now have all the furniture in our new house put together and and set up. Accept we still don't have a kitchen sink. Its kinda strange here because when you buy a house you have to go and find your self your own kitchen sink and counters and cabinets... it doesn't just come built into the house... kind of strange I think but what ever works. Anyhoo the furniture store people sent us a counter with no place for a sink in it... so we have to figure that out. but other than that everything is just dandy :) Sister Ines and I have been commuting to our area everyday... its a long walk but its worth it. After this transfer, our area will be the area of the new elders. We hope and pray that they will keep up with our investigators there.
Well we had ourselves a miracle this week. Remember the homeless man that we were teaching who lived in an old red car behind the bus stop? WE FOUND HIM AGAIN! Yay! We were in church when one of the brothers came to us and told us that he had seen him at the same bus stop with all of his stuff, so we asked one of the sisters to drive us there so we could bring him to church. When we got there he wasn't there but all of his stuff was so we figured he couldn't have gone very far so we looked around and finally spotted him in front the the assembly of god church talking with the pastor there. and so we marched right up to the front gates of their Church and waited patiently for him to finish his conversation. When he saw us a giant smile spread across his face and when we reached out to shake his hand he pulled us in with all of his strength and gave us a very smelly hug. (yuck :) (we've explained to him that were not supposed to hug men while we are on our missions but it hasn't sunk in yet I guess haha) We were able to bring him to church, a sister from our branch fed him lunch and we were able to share a message with him (on the side of the road under an ant infested tree). I don't know if he will get baptised but it was cool to find him and talk to him again. Later that day we were talking with a group of people including a very drunk man, who marched up to sister Ines and told her that his mother has depression, she told him to bring her to church and he said he will. when we went to leave she went to shake his hand and he grabbed it and kissed it. So Sister Ines has had her share of affection for the month haha :)
Sister Ines and I also taught a great family this week. Sister Ines and sister Helena had contacted the mom and dad during a division we did, then sister ines and I went back to teach them. It was AWESOME :) They were so great and it wasn't even like we were teaching a lesson because they discussed with us about everything we told them, they asked questions and they loved what we shared with them. When we went to share a scripture in the bible with them all the kids told us to wait and they all went and got their own personal bibles and came back and followed along with us each one of them marking the verses we shared. So cool :) In all its been a wonderful and fast week :) I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to share this marvelous message with the people here and to be able to get to know them and their culture. But even more I'm so grateful that through it all Ive been able to get to know my heavenly father and build my relationship with him. I know he loves me and wants me and my family to be happy.
Also this week was our interviews with the mission president...whoohoo! I loved it so much and it helped me so much! I love President and sister Reber! They are amazing! Well everyone :) I love you all and I'm so grateful for the prayers and emails and thoughts :) Love Shelby

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