Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello Everybody!!

Hello everybody
Well we received transfers yesterday! and I'm staying in Lucas! but Sister Ines is going to the south and has a 16 hour bus ride ahead of her. My new companion, Sister Tomaz (I think) (she is Brazilian and from the North ) will arrive in Lucas at about 11:30 tonight. I'm super nervous to meet her but excited as well. We will be kind of opening a new part of Lucas so I'm kinda nervous. But everything will work out ok. Sister Kimball and Sister Helena will be staying together and we are all staying in the same house so that makes me feel better that I get to stay with some of my friends :) Sister Ines and I had a good last week, we finished up a lot of stuff for the new elders who will be taking over our new area and were able to teach our investigators for the last time before we hand them over to the elders. We finally received a kitchen sink for our house today so now we don't have to buy water! yay! In all its been pretty quiet.... ill be starting my new area with my new companion tomorrow so maybe next week ill have some more stories! :) It has been raining a little bit here and I think its going to start raining some more because September starts the rainy season thank heaven for rain boots! We had to teach one of our investigators in the rain because we couldn't go into his house without another woman with us, at first he was mad at us and thought it was because we thought he might try to kill us or something, but when we explained that as missionaries we have certain rules he calmed down haha :) I had a division with sister Kimball this last week also and we had a similar experience with one of the single brothers in our branch. He was about to slam the door in our faces because we told him that we couldn't come inside but then once we explained he was totally fine and let us share a message in the door way. Well I should probably go... sorry its short! I love you all and miss you! thank you for your prayers and emails! love Shelby

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