Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Two in Brazil!

Hello everyone :)
well week two is done! yay :) everyone keeps telling me that the first month is the hardest and I agree with them! Its been kind of a bumpy road so far but a fun one! this week started out with Sister Marion and I being emergency transferred to Tijucal and becoming a trio with sister Freitas, who is a native to Brazil. President Reber told us he had been praying about sister Marion and I staying in Cuiaba and he said he felt like we needed to be in Tijucal. I know he was inspired with that because I feel so much better in Tijucal and Sister Freitas is helping me so much with my Portuguese! We have so much fun together and all three of us have become fast friends :) We have been teaching a lot of people too :) I cant really contribute that much right now but I say what I can! and somehow I get my point across so all is well! plus everyone here says I'm very beautiful and very red. most of the time they either say I'm a drinker or that I need to wear more sunscreen! haha :)  The people here are so amazing and the members are wonderful! one day we were walking in the street and it had been raining a lot and we were walking across a muddy road and I stepped on a spot that looked pretty safe however, I sunk into a mud puddle up to my shins... and started bawling haha! :) my companions put their arms around me and walked me to a member's house to wash off my feet. When we got there, the member sat me down and told me to just relax and that she was going to wash my feet. Then I started crying because of how nice and sweet she was. then we sat and talked to her for awhile until we were all dry and we went back to work :) The food here is WONDERFUL and the people are great :) I wish that my ability to speak and understand the language would come a little faster but I must have Patience :) I love you all and I miss you all! Thank you for your prayers :)
Love Shelby

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