Monday, April 28, 2014

News from your favorite Sister Missionary Sister Whipple!

Hello Everyone :)
Wow this week went by super fast! I cant believe its Monday again! Sister Freitas, Sister Marion and I had a great week! Our investigator Ana came to church and really liked it so that was really neat. There are a lot of times when I miss whats going on because of the language barrier so when she walked in the church doors I was super excited and Sister Marion, and Sister Freitas apparently already knew she was coming...Haha :) Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself when things like that happen. Also this week a sister missionary from here came home and we got to go to her homecoming reception. She served in England and when she speaks English she has a really cool accent, that sister Marion and I are super jealous of. She has already gone out on splits with us to teach people! Super cool :) Today we went to see the waterfalls here with President and Sister Reber and all the Sister Missionaries, it was so super cool! Sister Marion, Sister Freitas and I rode with Sister Reber and we had tons of fun :) The Waterfalls were amazing! and so Beautiful! you can see for miles! At one of the Waterfalls there is this yellow platform type thing that you can stand on and it goes out over the edge, its a little scary and theres a sign by it that says that it can only hold 12 people... a little sketchy.... but we went on it anyway and took pictures :) There was only 6 of us so we felt pretty safe. After we went and ate lunch at this little restaurant, and it was so good :) guess what we had! Beans and Rice!!!! I'm amazing actually that even though I eat it literally every day I never get tired of it and actually love it :) This week on Tuesday ( I think) it rained sooooooo hard! It was so cool and I had the time of my life but I need to get a better umbrella because mine is used to Utah rain:)
Also this week we taught our investigator Marcianie and she is super cool. I had a really cool experience with her. One night we went to go and teach her and we walked in and she had a really big cut on her chin with stitches in it and a huge huge bruise on her arm. Because of the language barrier I didn't understand totally what had happened untill later but I understood that her husband had attacked her. I prayed and prayed that I would know what to say to her to help her. First Sister Marion shared the perfect scripture about the atonement and bore testimony to her then Sister Freitas bore her testimony and when it was my turn I just opened my mouth and prayed that things would come out right and they did! I don't even remember fully what I said to her but Sister Freitas and Sister Marion later told me that what I had said was perfect and that my Portuguese had been perfect as well:) SO COOL!!  I wish my Portuguese could be perfect all the time :) Well those were the highlights of my week. :) I love you all thank you so much for your support and your love :)
love always Shelby

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