Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello from Brazil!!

Hello everyone!
Here I am in Brazil where the people and the spiders live together in perfect harmony accept when you are trying to clean the bathroom and the biggest one jumps on your hand and you spaz out and have to end its life.... :) I have had such a crazy week! Ill start with the crazy stuff then move into the cool stuff :) Well this week as we were walking down the street there was a lady with zero clothes on running down the highway. Then Sister Marion and I were sitting at the bus stop and a lady came and stood by us. we asked her how she was (in Portuguese) and she just smiled at us and began to dance a little bit then in one swift movement she whipped off her pants and squatted in the grass and went to the bathroom... 0.o then she stood back up, pulled up her pants, smiled at us and got on the bus. we were a bit speechless... :) On Saturday we went to a members house to watch the first session of conference because they were feeding us lunch and the member was determined to get it for me in English because he wanted me to feel the spirit (So sweet!) and so he gave me his phone and headphones but he had just gone to Youtube and found a video of a familiar looking general authority and gave it to me. Alas it was a talk from about three years ago :) However I thought it was so sweet that he wanted me to watch it in English so I just kept watching random talks on his phone as they watched it in Portuguese :) It was pretty great and I actually got a lot out of it :) haha :) Then when we went to the stake center they had a small room set up for us to watch conference on a computer in English. it was so nice! and helped me a lot! my flight out here was so cool :) for the first flight to Atlanta I flew alone but then when I got on the flight to go to sao Paulo guess who I found?! SISTER DUNN (my companion from the MTC) and I got to fly with her and sit by her on my 10 hour flight:) THEN when we separated and she had to get on her flight to Teresina and I on my flight to Cuiaba I was sitting by my gate and guess who found me? SISTER KLEINHENZ ( a sister in my MTC district) and we got to fly to Cuiaba together and spend one night together before she got on her ten hour bus right to Camo Grande. Heavenly Father Loves me :) I can tell :) I'm doing as well as I can with the language but its still pretty hard. and Confusing. and Sometimes I dislike it greatly but I know that all I have to do is try my very hardest and the lord will make up the difference :) Sister Marion is awesome :) shes from Texas and speaks very well, shes been out for a year and is a great missionary :) We have become great friends :) We are opening this area in Cuiaba and don't even have an area book yet or anything helpful but we found three new investigators this week :) and will be teaching them :) super exciting :) The ward I'm serving in is so great and the people are so unified and sweet :) I love it here and am so excited to be serving in Brazil! :) Thank you all for your letters and emails :) I love you and miss you :) Love, Shelby 

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