Monday, April 21, 2014

Life in Tujical!

Hello everyone!
I have had a pretty good week :) Easter was super cool :) Here its called Pascoa so we walked around saying Bom Pascoa! To everyone :) also we made chocolate eggs and wrapped them in this foil paper stuff then we took them around to members that help us out alot and that feed us lunch and we sang hyms with them and shared our testimony Of christ and his atonement. We really enjoyed it and it helped me to remember what im doing out here. :) Also this week we did an exchange with the sister training leaders, sister Freitas and I went with Sister Kimball to her area for a day and Sister Silva went to our area with Sister Marion for a day and it was super fun :) Sister Kimball is awesome and she helped me and taught me alot.  Last week in church sister Marion and Sister Freitas had to talk in church but the bishop was super nice to me and said that I could have a break :) yay :) I love our ward, the people are so nice and loving even though I have a hard time expressing how im feeling or what I need or want to say. Also this week sister Marion and I had a cool experience when Sister Freitas was on splits with a member. Sister Marion and I were walking and knocking doors (or clapping outside of people gates :)) and I was struggling with what I needed to say to people, after one house that was particularly challenging I was getting really frusterated and the next house we clapped at I was so irritated that I didnt even think about it and just rattled off perfectly what I needed to say and they lady was like Come In! Come In! She was awesome, her name is Ana. We taught her the first lesson and she said that she wants to be baptised! How Cool! Im so greatful the lord gives us challenges so that we can learn and grow and become better :) 
Today every thing is closed because yesterday was pascoa and so were emailing from the bishops house and we dont get as much time as we ususally do so my email might be shorter than it usually is. Today sister Marion, Sister Frietas and I cleaned our house and I must say that Brazilians know how to clean a house! Since all the houses, including ours, is just concrete and tile, they basically just chuck water on everything, scrub it with a broom then push the water away with a special wiper broom type thing. then they wrap a towl around a broom and clean some more with that :) Its kind of interesting but effective, it only took us two hours to clean our two story house :) awesome :) If the houses in america were like this I would clean my house this way but the houses are different so all is well :) So the reason why sister Marion and I were emergency transfered to Tijucal was because that is where we were originally supposed to go but Sister Marion asked if we could stay in Cuiaba and president Reber said yes, then he prayed about it and got the feeling that we needed to be in Tijucal and Im so happy that he did :) I love Tijucal and its people. However my mailing address is still the same, its just the mission office because thats where all mail has to go, so I will only get mail when we have conferences but we have alot of those so no worries :) I love you all and thank you so much for the emails :) and prayers :)
Love shelby

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