Tuesday, January 21, 2014

News from the MTC!

Shelby Marie Whipple
9:14 AM (1 hour ago)
to me
Hi Mom :)
I'm so glad that you got my card :) Its fun to get mail from you and it makes my day brighter :) The weeks have been FLYING by! its crazy! It feels like I just came in yesterday! On Sunday I had to say the Prayer in Sacrament meeting in Portuguese! and I don't mean to brag or anything, but I did AWESOME :) It was kind of scary but everyone is very forgiving and nice so its not that intimidating :) Sister Dunn and I finished with our old "pretend" Investigator and committed her to baptism, so now we've started on two new ones. Ones name is Ana and the other one is Geraldo :) They're  both kind of scary but its ok because its just pretend ;) Sister Dunn and I are pretty much like best friends now :) She is Awesome and I think you would really like her. I keep forgetting my camera when we take pictures so shes going to send me ones off of hers so that I can send them to you! Did you tell Dad about the blogspot? I think that grandma Whipple would enjoy looking at it too :) Thank you so much for taking that on :) I probably won't be able to look at it here in the MTC but I might in the mission field, so we'll see :) I've been getting quite a few bloody noses?? I think its just because I blow my nose a lot and the air is thinner here in Provo. I haven't gotten one for a few days though :) I'm sorry to hear about aunt Haylee but I'm glad that its curable and that shell be ok :) I'm keeping her in my prayers. (and I say A LOT of prayers :)) My Companions sister had cancer awhile back and she passed away from it, so that's really sad, she showed us some pictures of her. She said it was hard for their family but they got through it.  Its been cold up here but I've been staying warm :) it hasn't snowed since the day I came in though :) I'm learning so much and the Portuguese is coming along great :) My teacher is awesome, we all love him. He is really short and super funny but he really knows how to motivate us :) There are sisters in my zone that are all leaving for the field today. Some of them are going to Africa and some are going to Portugal. Two of them (sister sinseneros and Sister Belmonte) were called to Brazil but because of the visa situation they have been reassigned to St. George! I told them that if they ran into any Mayhews or Whipples that they should mention me and  they would hook them up :) I'm not exactly sure what that means but I figured they could make the connection or something :) sister Sinseneros is CRAZY and so funny and loud. She's from Texas but originally form Mexico? I think? She speaks Spanish and there fore is very fluent in Portuguese. Well I better go :) I love you so so much and I miss you! ill write you another letter this week :) and Ill try to send some pictures in a little bit :) I love you!
Love, Shelby

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