Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello from the MTC

Hi Mom!
Thank you for the pictures! I loved them, I hope Logan had a good party :) and I hope that he has a good Birthday :) I'm doing well up here! Its still sup super cold but we're warm in our dorm and class room, so that's good :) I'm doing really well with the language, still can't really form comprehensible sentences but I'm getting there :) We had TRC on Friday, which means we teach real people who want to be taught in Portuguese and I did it all with out a script! It was a huge confidence booster and they seemed to kind of understand what I was saying even though it was like " Joseph Smith, Pray, God, God, Jesus Christ, Come Joseph Smith" ha ha. If they didn't understand then they were just super nice people who really liked to smile and nod ;) So it was super fun and I do it again this Friday, kinda scary!! We got a new district this week in our zone, so being the sister training leader (along with sister Dunn) we had to do orientation with them and tell them rules and talk to them about what to expect and stuff like that so that was interesting.  They don't have any sisters in their district, so sucks for them ;) Sister Barrett, Sister Kleinheinz, Sister Dunn and I are the only sisters in our zone and we're all in one district. It kinda sucks because on Sunday they choose one sister and one elder to give a talk and since there is only four of us the chances are pretty high that one of us will give a talk! Sister Barrett had to give one last week and I said the closing prayer again (in Portuguese!). Also last week Sister Kleinheinz and I sang Nearer My God to Thee in sacrament meeting and sister Dunn played the piano for us. Sister Kleinheinz has an AWESOME voice, she sounds a little like Norah Jones or someone like that. And Sister Dunn is an AMAZING piano player! I'm so glad that we were all put together because we all have so much fun!  Also this week in Relief Society Sister Perry came and spoke to us. I know her name probably doesn't mean anything to you because at first it didn't mean anything to me until they introduced her. She wrote a whole bunch of primary songs like A Child's Prayer, I love to see the temple, I'm trying to be like Jesus and a whole bunch more! It was awesome! She also re wrote As Sisters in Zion to be a sister missionary like song and she had us sing it, it was so super cool :) Well I've had an awesome week and I find out where I'm reassigned to next Thursday probably :) I haven't heard anything on my visa so I'm assuming I'll probably be reassigned to the states for a little bit :) which is ok with me, as long as its not somewhere cold!! Thank you for your emails and letters! they make my whole week bright! I love you so much! and I'll send you more pictures in a little bit :) bye for now
love Shelby :)

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