Tuesday, January 14, 2014

First Email!!

Shelby Marie Whipple
10:25 AM (28 minutes ago)
to me
Hi Mom! 
Thank you so much for the package and for everything in it! Its so much fun to get things in the mail! ive been having a great time here so far and I LOVE IT! My Companions name is Sister Dunn and she is from Bristol Tenasee :) she sings and plays the piano, guitar, violin, and something else? also she sings! we have alot in comon and she reminds me alot of Timmi! I love her so much. the other sisters in my dorm are Sister Klinheinz and Sister Barrett, they are companions. Sister Klinheinz is from Indiana and she is CRAZY, she and I get along really well, but we dont get any work done, so its good that were not companions! sister Barrett is origanally from Purto Rico I think and then she moved to Texas when she was eight. They are all so much fun and they all have helped me so so much! They all say Y'all so ive picked that up! it feels weird saying you-all now :) alot of our elders are from texas and stuff too so im the ONLY one from Utah! Ive learned so much and Portugese is comming a little easier to much but its still kinda hard. Heavenly Father is definatley helping me though. I miss you guys but they keep us really busy so we dont have alot of time to just miss our family its kinda nice acutally :) The food is really really good :) Well Im so so sorry that is short but ill try and write you a letter this week! I love you so much! and ill talk to you soon :)
Love, Shelby 

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